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Tag Archives: Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites

Survivor is back!!  I am so excited about the upcoming season that begins tomorrow, Feb. 7th, at 8 PM ET on CBS.  Some people say that after fifteen seasons, Survivor is dead, but I beg to differ.  I think that Survivor could go on for years and I would still watch every show with anticipation.  Why?  Because every season brings new people and new personalities.  You never know how people are going to react or clash with each other.  At the beginning of each season, I try to size people up and guess how they will act, who will be strong, who will be lazy, who will go first, and who will ultimately win the million dollar prize.  Usually, I am totally wrong, but that’s okay, because I always have fun and I am always surprised.  This season promises to be full of twists and turns, and I can’t wait!!

So who are the Favorites and who are the Fans?  Favorites first:


Just looking at the female favorites on the show this time makes me feel the excitement stirring!  AMI!!  AMI!!  AMI!!!  Can we say one ofthe best, most devious survivors in the history of the game?  Ami definitely played one of the most powerful female games ever, but she made the silly mistake of letting one man stay, and he went on to win it all.  I can’t wait to see what kind of power plays she has under her sleeves this time.  It’s honestly hard to believe that she works in a coffee shop.  I would have guessed she was a politician or a sorceress.  I love Ami and hope she is around for a while this season.  The other 4 female favorites are Parvati, the flirty, sexy brunette from Cook Islands; Amanda, the almost-winner from China (is it me or does she look more beauty queen than she used to in those press photos?  I hardly recognized her); Cirie, the strong black nurse from Survivor Panama who, by the way, claims to have no strategy and is going up against the queens of strategy (just might work!); and Eliza, who I remember from Vanuatu as being so incredibly skinny that I thought she was starving to death.   I personally would have rather seen Pieh-Gee or Flicka in the favorites than Eliza, but oh well.  My prediction about who will go the farthest?  Just by looking at the pictures, I am predicting that the four skinny white chicks will be in constant flirt-mode to try to show they are the sexiest girl with the tiniest waist.  In the meantime?  Cirie, the woman without a plan, will surprise them all!


Now on to the male favorites!  James, the gravedigger from China, who will forever be remembered at the survivor who had 2 immunity idols when he got voted out, is already a big target.  Unless he pulls some miracle out of his hat, he’ll probably go early, which is a shame, because I love hs accent and his laid back, happy attitude.  Jonathan from Cook Islands admits in his video that he was not trustworthy, and that he will have to play an honest game in order to earn the trust of the other survivors.  I personally can’t wait to see if he can even do that.  10 bucks says he backstabs someone in the first episode.  And then we come to Jonny Fairplay, the epic liar of “my grandmother died” fame from Survivor: Pearl Islands.  If you watch his video, he is just so slimey and full of himself.  If he plays it right, he really could go far, because no one will ever know if he’s lying or telling the truth, but everyone will have fun and be entertained by him, which makes him a valuable player.  The other two favorites are Ozzy, the bushy-haired, tree-climbing runner up from Cook Islands; and Yau-man from Fiji.  My predictions?  None of these guys will be left standing at the end, except maybe Ozzy.

All I know right now is that I could spend hours looking through all of the videos and information on the CBS official website.  Check back with me tomorrow morning and I will dish out all the news about the Fans, but for now, check out the website and make your own predictions about the upcoming season.  Let me know what you think!