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Yay!  Kristy Lee Cook is finally going home!  I honestly feel like I have been waiting for this moment for weeks.  She stayed a lot longer than I ever expected her to, but I am glad she is gone.  Honestly, she should have gone before Michael Johns, but what can you do?  Here is what I wrote as I was watching the show tonight:

I am going to just write as I go tonight instead of writing my post afterwards.  I am so nervous to find out who is going home tonight.  After last week’s shocking elimination of Michael Johns, one of the most talented (and good looking) contestants, I am dying to see how America voted this week.  I can only imagine that after losing a favorite last week, people dialed their little fingers off to make sure their favorite doesn’t go home tonight. 

The obligatory Idol sing-a-long song tonight is “One Sweet Day”.  I think everyone did a good job, but Brooke’s part was really low.  I don’t like that.  Everything else is good though.  Highlights from last night just remind me how much I want Syesha or Kristy to go home.  Wow, Brooke was really kind of bad last night too, wasn’t she? 

Okay, here we go with the eliminations:  Hmm… Ryan told Jason to start a group to the left and then sent David Cook to the right.  What does that mean?  Okay, so here is Carly.  She says that she thinks Simon has been a bit tough on her all season.  Simon says that he’s tough on her because he thinks she has so much potential and he wants to push her to get better and better. Ryan sends Carly to the left with Jason.  Kristy Lee comes out and also makes a comment about Simon, although she is slightly less elegant in her description.  Instead of saying he’s been tough on her, she says Simon has been a bit of a “butt”.  When she said that I could just feel Simon’s eyes rolling back in his head.  Haha, notice that he didn’t interject a comment about being tough on her because he thinks she’s got so much potential.  Ryan sends her over to the right with David Cook.  At this point, I have no idea which side is safe and which side is in the bottom 3.  I would find it hard to believe that David Cook got into the bottom 3, but then again, Jason Castro surely isn’t in the bottom either??  We’ll have to wait until after the commercial break.  THey are really trying to build up the suspense this week.

Um… the Ford Commercial this week is kind of interesting.  All of the idols are office puppets with strings, singing “I want to break free.”  Then, they cut off the strings and run from the office to get into their red Ford vehicles.  The girls all have their hair up in curls.  It looks good on Kristy but odd on the rest of them.

Elliott Yamin makes an appearance singing his new song.  I didn’t catch the name, but is saying “Free” a lot, so I’m guessing that is in the title somewhere.  It always amazes me to see past Idol contestants come back and sound great and look so polished.  It just goes to show you that a lot of people on the show really do have the potential to be stars.  Aww, at the end he did the same thing like David Cook did last week with the “GIve Back” written on his hand.. but instead Elliott’s hand says “We Miss You Mom.”  Oh my god, his mother died this week??  I can’t believe he was able to perform.  He said it is the first time his mother has not been in the audience when he performed.  Poor Elliott.

Syesha is out on stage and Ryan sends her over to stand with Jason and Carly.  Brooke is the next one out, and I think she looks great tonight!  She is wearing white jeans and a gray shirt with a sparkly silver tank top over it.  She looks good.  Ryan sends her over to stand with David and Kristy.  So now we know that wherever he sends David Archuleta is the safe group.  I guess we know that David A. is safe because there are already two groups of three, so wherever he goes makes the four safe ones. 

And now it is time for the live call-ins.  The first question is asking Kristy Lee whether or not she bought her horse back.  She said the guy she sold it to doesn’t want to sell it back.  Ha!  The next question is asking the judges what the first album they bought.  The only answer of note is Simon jokingly saying “I remember that I was 10 years old and it was “straight up” by Paula Abdul”.  Haha, as if he is really older than her.  The next question was asking Paula which song of hers best describes her relationship with Simon.  She said “Straight up I’ll tell you that I”ll never be Forever Your Girl.”  Lame.  The last question of the night is asking David Cook if he is single.  He blushed and said yes, which was followed by a multitude of screams from the audience.  I think the call-in portion of the show is kind of lame in general.  I guess it’s thrilling if you’re the one who gets to call in, but other than that, it’s boring.

Very not boring though is Mariah Carey singing a song from her new album “E=MC2”.  She looks so incredibly sexy wearing a slinky and very short black backless dress.  I wonder if the people in the mosh pit can see her underwear, haha.  Dang, she’s brave to wear something so short considering she is up above those people.  Does she have her own personal fan blowing her hair in the wind?  It looks like it.  It’s hard to believe she is 38 years old.  She looks like she’s in her 20’s.  She sounds so good too, and I love that sparkly microphone she is using.  Now, the way she sings when she’s getting into it with the vocal runs and her range.. that’s the way Syesha tries (but fails) to sing.  Along with a shameless plug of her new album (in stores today) she says that she loves herself some Randy.  Her final advice for the contestants is to “Do You, and everything is gonna be alright.”  What is it with people using lyrics from their songs in their regular speech tonight?  Anyway, great job Mariah, this was a good week of songs.

David A. comes out onto the stage.  Ryan tells him he is safe.  Okay, so tell us something we didn’t know.  Oh my god, he’s switching the groups out.  He tells David to swap with Syesha.  He’s killing me.  Then he tells David to join the group that he thinks is safe.  Wow, what a way to put him on the spot!!  David just decided to sit down on the stage, because he doesn’t want to pick, so Ryan just tells us:

Safe:  Carly (YEAH!), David Cook, Jason Castro, and David Archuleta.

Bottom 3:  Syesha, Kristy Lee, and Brooke. 

I am so happy right now!  The only thing that will make me happier is if Kristy Lee goes home, but Syesha can go too for all I care.  Back from commercial break, KLC looks really scared.  Ryan sends Syesha to safety, which is a bit disappointing.  Please let it be KLC going home!  If it’s Brooke, she has every right to scream and throw a fit.  Simon says that he thinks Brooke will be safe.  And the verdict is:  Kristy Lee Cook is Eliminated!!!!   This is probably the first elimination I have actually been Happy about!!!  She is crying but she should really be grateful that she made it as far as she did.  America finally got it right!!  This is a huge wake-up call for Brooke though, so she better step it up next week.  Next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber songs which should be amazing.  I am so glad to see Kristy Lee Cook go home this week, so thank you America!!  I am sure that she will show up on a country album, but at least they’ll be able to fix her pitch problems in the studio with digital technology these days.