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The bottom 3 this week was a little bit shocking to me, and goes to show that my assessment of the performances doesn’t exactly mesh with the rest of the country.  Carly Smithson in the bottom 3??  You’ve got to be kidding me!  I know a lot of people think that since she’s already had an album out a while back, she doesn’t deserve another shot, but come on.  The girl can sing!  It’s not her fault that the record company she had a contract with failed.  Anyway, she looked scared as hell up there, and I’m sure she was shocked to hear that she was in the bottom of the barrell.  She looked good, though, I thought, and was this the first time we’ve seen her with her tattoo’s covered up?  Maybe it was the red rose shirt that landed her in the bottom this week, it was pretty awful.  Or maybe it’s the classic idol event where everyone assumes she is safe because she’s good and surely people are voting for her.  I don’t know, but I was happy when Ryan sent her back to her seat and announced that she was safe.

So the bottom 2 comes down to… Shocker!… Kristy Lee Cook (as usual) and Amanda Overmyer.  I have been wanting Kristy to go for weeks now, butthere has to be a small following that votes for her religiously.  Come to think of it, her parents have probably employed the help of all the chickens and cows and horses on the farm to call in and vote for her.  She doesn’t belong on the tour, except maybe as eye candy, and I think it’s horrible that she’s safe again this week.  Now, Amanda on the other hand, deserves to be a part of the Idol tour.  If nothing else, she was original and could have given a fun and different flavor to the Top 10.  I thought she rocked, and I am very sad to see her go.  Amanda, keep singing girl.   In my mind, you’re Top 10 material.