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Yay!!!  With a lead of 12 million votes, David Cook has been crowned the Season 7 winner of American Idol!!  After watching a star-studded and emotional 2 hour concert event at the Nokia Theater, Ryan announced the winner, but as Simon said moments before the results were read, “For the first time, i don’t really care who wins because you are both winners.”  How true.

We are always hearing about how American Idol is first and foremost a singing competition, and the final 2 this year proved time and time again that they had the vocal chops to earn the title.  David Archuleta certainly sang his heart out last night and most of the season, but in the end, it was David Cook who came out on top.  I think that it ultimately came down to variety.  Where David Archuleta could never really deliver anything amazing beyond a beautiful vocal ballad, David Cook proved that he could go anywhere from uptempo to ballad to rock to broadway without missing a beat.  I think that it is also appropriate that on the first season ever to allow instruments, the winner was a guitar player.  Sure, we heard Little David play the piano once or twice, but David Cook it truly at home with both the acoustic and electric guitars we have gotten used to seeing him play.

Thank you for checking out this site this season and reading my recaps.  I have really enjoyed the show and writing about it.  What a great season!  Seeing the final 12 perform a George Michael medley of songs towards the end of the show tonight brought back memories of so many amazing performances from this season.  It really made me sad when I saw Chikezie up there because I had almost forgotten how amazing he could be.  With a few different song choices, it easily could have been him up there in the top 3 or 4 of the season, but so much of Idol is about song choice and about playing the right cards at the right time.  Seeing Carly and Michael Johns also made me smile because they are two of my favorite AI contestants of all time, and I think they will go far in their careers if given a chance.

So, David Cook.  From word nerd to American Idol.  The season ended with his performance of the winning song “Time of My Life”.  I thought that it was an awesome song and he sounded amazing singing it.  I can’t wait to hear it on the radio and to hear his first album.  Great season everyone!!  I look forward to the music you all will be making in the years to come, keep it up!!!  Congratulations David Cook!!!


The Nokia Theater was packed as the two remaining contestants gave it their all in a head to head… boxing match?  Hmm.. okay.  I don’t know about you, but I thought the whole boxing analogy was pretty lame, and what was up with the boxing expert who kept delivering over-the-top obvious statements like “In a competition between two people, there can only be one winner.”  Wow, thanks for that amazing observation, because I thought they could both win.  You really cleared it up with your boxing expertise.

But in the end, the night was mainly about the two David’s who have captivated America since the beginning.   Even though everyone kept talking all night about how they were going head to head and still competing and how they each needed to give it their all in order to win… I would venture to say that most of us already knew who we were voting for before the sound of the first bell.  There was not really anything either of them could do to change my mind about who I like best (Cook, ftw), short of completely giving up or forgetting all the words.

I thought it was funny also that Ryan announced in the beginning that they were battling over a “title reserved only for superstars.”  Has he already forgotten about Taylor Hicks and that awful performance from Fantasia last week?  The past has shown that Idol does not make you a superstar by default.  It just gives you a good jumping off point, but there is so much more to it that instant superstar status.  Anyway, moving on to the performances.

Round One – Clive Davis Choices

David Cook was given the U2 song “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” and I thought it was excellent!  He looked like he was so comfortable and easygoing on a night where nerves and tension has to be running high.  He is already a rock star in the way he presents himself, and I think he’s one of the best contestants ever on American Idol to be honest.  The judges like it okay.  I honestly had to rewind my recording after the show to make sure I had heard Randy right when he announced that it was a good way to start off the “Duel of 2007.”  What?  Isn’t it 2008?  Randy had a total Paula moment there and someone should have called him out on it.  Simon said it was phenomenal, and it produced chills for Paula.

David Archuleta’s song was “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.”  by Elton John.  Are you kidding me that they are really giving him this over-done song?  I have to admit that he did an amazing job on it, but it’s been done on AI at least 3 or 4 times already.  Did we really need to hear it again?  Everyone seemed to think it was his best performance ever and Simon announced that Round 1 goes to DA.  Randy thought it was “molten hot”.  I thought it was pretty darn good, but it was so predictably the only kind of song that this kid can shine on, if you know what I mean.

Round 2 – Songwriting Competition

David Cook chose a song called “Dream Big” which was a pretty good song, I thought.  He got raked over the coals for the song not having that “This is my Moment Where I win and Cry” kind of feel to it, but I don’t think that winning kind of song fits him anyway.  Plus it must be tough to come out after hearing that your competition was better according to the judges.  Especially after he really did an awesome job first round.  Simon thought it was a “lightweight” performance.  He was really getting into the boxing analogy, let me tell ya.  Randy thought he sang his face off, and Paula was mesmerized.  We also got another classic Paula comment when she tried defending David by saying “And it wasn’t the winning song…. Was it?”  Um… Paula?  How much do you get paid to be so clueless?

David Archuleta chose “In This Moment” which, from the title alone, you can tell it’s more the type of song traditionally done in the finale.  it wasn’t great though, to be honest.  It was a sweet ballad, but it didn’t give me chills or anything.  Nothing can really beat the “Moment Like This” song from season 1 and the way Kelly Clarkson performed it.  Randy was not crazy about the song, but as he’s mentioned a million times in the past, “you could sing the phone book, it was another hot one.”  He needs some new comments.  Paula said he was in the zone and Simon declared him the Round 2 winner.

Round 3 – Competitor’s Choice

David Cook chose the Collective soul song “The World I Know”.  He was up on stage looking amazing in all black with a red tie, his acoustic guitar strapped on, and his voice in top shape.  He slowed it down and reminded us that he is a great arranger and able to always bring something new to the table.  He really put some nice turns in it and built the song up graduatlly.  If his goal was to prove that he is a contemporary recording artist, then he really did it tonight.  I thought it was a perfect performance and that he showed us three different kind of songs and three amazing vocals.  Randy agreed that he showed different sides of himself.  Paula said, “You are up there standing in your truth.”  which I thought was actually very poetic.  She praised him for his originality all season.  Simon said he was the nicest, most sincere contestant they have ever had, but that he chose the wrong song.  He should have chosen Billy Jean or Hello or something he did well somewhere along the way.  I loved DC’s answer when he said “I was thinking the competition is about progression, so why do something I’ve already done.”  Well said.

David Archuleta made a great argument for doing something you’ve already done though, with his choice of his season showstopper, “Imagine”.  He added some vocal embellishment over the last time he did it, but it was flawless.  He has so much control over his voice and there is no doubt that he is one of the most talented singers in the history of Idol.   Simon said that both people had done well all season, but in terms of tonight, DA was a “Knockout”.  Ryan had to chime in and say “Well said, Mr. Cowell”, which I’m not sure if he was complimenting Simon’s use of the boxing metaphor or agreeing that Archuleta should win.

Overall, they both did a great job.  I think that Archuleta sang three very touching songs and he sang them flawlessly.  Tonight was his best performance ever, and if he wins then he truly deserves it.  But my vote has to go to David Cook.  This season he managed to bring an originality and diversity to the show that no one had ever accomplished before.  David Archuleta can sing the hell out of a ballad.  He’s proven that time and time again.  However, you give him an uptempo song to sing or something more contemporary and pop or rock, and he just can’t deliver.  It’s easy listening all the way for him.  I think the winner of American Idol should be diverse and able to sing almost anything you throw at them and give it their own personal flavor.  David Cook can do that without a doubt.

This has been a great season and thank you for your comments and for reading this blog.  One more update as we look to the two hour finale and find out who is crowned this year’s American Idol.

I was half hoping for a major upset on tonight’s American Idol Elimination, but it just wasn’t in the stars for Syesha to make the final two. After last night’s song choices, it was obvious who the producers wanted to go home. David Cook was given a very well known, power house of an Aerosmith song, as well as a stage full of string players and fabulous lighting. How could he go wrong?? Even his off pitch last note couldn’t stop Simon from calling it David’s night. David Archuleta was given a much less show-tastic song from the producers, but it was right up his alley and catered heavily to his over 40 female fan-base. Syesha, on the other hand, was saddled with a song most people have never even heard of, and which did not do her any favors. She didn’t have a chance to wow anyone with that song choice, which is, in my estimation, exactly what the producers wanted.

I was still secretly wishing that she would pull it off, though. Syesha was one of my favorites right from the start, but after she made the top 20’ish, she started to go a bit off-key with a lot of her songs. There were about six weeks there where I just wasn’t convinced she had the vocal chops that she thought she had. Then, about four weeks ago, she came out of nowhere with some amazing song choices and an amazing stage attitude. I think out of everyone this season, she was the most improved vocalist, and she deserved every bit of top 3. Okay, so there is still a part of me that mourns the loss of Carly Smithson and would have loved to see her break top 3, but that’s beside the point.

Before I move on, can I just say what the hell was up with Fantasia’s performance tonight?? Oh my god, I wanted to change the channel. She looked terrible and frankly, she looked trashy. All she did was shout and gyrate in a very abnormal and unattractive way. Simon’s open mouth says it all. WTF?

Moving on to a more pleasant topic, tonight’s elimination show also took us to each of the final 3’s hometown holidays. David Archuleta’s was exactly what you would expect… a bunch of young girls and teenagers, as well as a bunch of 40+ moms and grandmothers screaming their hearts out. He got teary eyed and seemed overwhelmed and just as dazed as he was on day one of the competition. I have to tell you, I don’t quite buy that he’s as blown away by all this as he pretends to be. This kid has been groomed by his orange beret, ugly green shirt, back stage father for exactly this kind of thing since he was a wee tot. He’s done tv performances and pimped his vocal talent from one end of the world to the other. American Idol is just a stepping stone and he already knows that he can sing. I don’t think he’s surprise at all, honestly.

Syesha’s homecoming was very touching, I thought. I was nervous at first that she would pull out the annoying baby cry when a woman in the crowd threw a baby at her, but thank god, she didn’t resort to that again. I think the most touching part of her trip was having her father say that even though he’s struggled with drug and alcohol problems, he is proud of his daughter and that she has given him a reason to stay clean. She was in the limo on the way back to California when she broke down in tears and said “This is my dream and I’m living it.” That felt like such a genuine moment and a tribute to what American Idol can mean to someone’s life.

David Cook seemed the most at-ease with his super-stardom on his trip home to Kansas City. I also think he had the best turn out overall. Did you notice how his crowd was much more diversified than Little David’s? And how sweet was it when he brought flowers to his elementary school music teacher? As a former elementary school music teacher myself, I was honestly touched by the fact that he thought of her and honored her in that way. In fact, just that simple gesture shows that he understands this experience is about so much more than just him. “This is the coolest day of my life.” He said. I wanted to say, yeah, so far… wait till next week.

No shocking final 2 this year on American Idol. David Cook and David Archuleta will face off at the Kodiak theater in what Simon says will be a “real humdinger”. I’m a little nervous to hear what sappy bit of cheese the songwriters have come up with, but I just hope that both David’s get an equal bid at the title. Both of them are talented, but my vote is for David Cook. As for Syesha, hats off to you for a great season and for really stepping up your game and growing throughout the experience. I hope to see you in a major Broadway show soon!

During the group sing-a-long dujour, it looked like Jason was a bit fed up with the choreographed weekly let’s sing together crap.  You honestly couldn’t pay me to go to an American Idol group concert if it’s full of stuff like this.  I love the individual performances, but these group things have got to go.  At least little David seemed to be enjoying himself.  Syesha was too, but since it’s sort of like a mini-musical, she’s right at home.  I think that if they were doing original songs it might work, but a copycat version of a song that was done by a band or a solo singer split up into 4 equal parts delegated out in a one for you, one for you, one line for you sort of fashion is just mind numbing.  My boyfriend actually got up and said “Okay, that’s all I can take of that.” 

The recaps from last night just reminded me of how frustrating the judges comments have been of late.  I can’t even talk about it anymore because it’s making me so angry.  So… on to the eliminations.  David Archuleta is up first.  Is it me, or does he answer every one of Ryan’s questions in the same manner?  Can he really be so humble?  He always answers in a wishy-washy, don’t want to offend anyone way.  OMG, he’s like the Paula of the contestants!  Always blubbering and trying to make sure he comes off sweet.  No worries David, you’re as sweet as a puppy.  No shockers yet, David A. is safe and can take a seat on the couches of safety. 

Wow, a video “package” of the final four’s trip to Vegas to see the cirque du soleil’s performance of a Beatles tribute.  They flew on a private jet, gave autographs, and got pampered and primped by a full salon of stylists.  Can you imagine going from average everyday person to super star that fast?  It must be fun.  Someone even grabbed Jason and kissed him.  Haha.  They look like they had a great time, and it just reminds me of how much Idol really does change their lives.

David Cook is the next one called onto the stage.  Ryan asked Randy, “So, let’s just say David makes it to the finals, any advice for him?”  Um, first of all, don’t patronize us all Ryan.  Everyone in America knows that David and David are the top two, so cut out all that “Let’s just say maybe, what if??”  It’s insulting.  Randy’s advice is for David Cook to just stay original and continue to put his own stamp on his performances.  I’m sure he didn’t already know that, so great advice Randy.  THat was quality television right there.  And of course, Ryan told us all that David was safe and headed to the top 3, no surprises tonight so far.

That leaves no surprise about the bottom 2 either:  Syesha and Jason.  Ryan acted like he was about to tell us who was going home and I had to do a double take at my clock.  9:24.  No way he’s telling them now.  Jason spoke up with a look of utter confusion on his face saying “Are you going to tell us now??”  Ryan said “No, we’re going to a break.”  Haha.  Thanks Ryan.  Now he’ll proceed to make us wait 33 more minutes before he tells us the result.  Ugh.

 Ah, Ford Commercial time.  They have them all dressed up like bull fighters and singing along with Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.  Cute commercial.  Oh, and now it’s time for the audience questions:

  1. Q: David Cook, when you come to my hometown on the tour, would you go on a date with me??             A:  What do you like to do?  asks David.  Good answer.
  2. Q:  14 year old Sarah asks them all what’s the biggest challenge they’ve had to overcome in the competition?  A:  Syesha said Stage Fright.  David A. couldn’t think of anything (duh, he hasn’t had to overcome anything.  Someone is pulling his strings!)  Jason said “FIghting my brain being dead.”  I take it that was a reference to last night’s lyric botching.
  3. Q:  SImon why have you not been knighted by the Queen?  A:  Simon said “I wonder the same thing on a daily basis, so if you are watching your majesty, I’m available.”
  4. Q:  Syesha is it hard being the only girl?  A:  Basically she said it gets awkward but she is proud of her self.
  5. Q:  Have any of you gotten feedback from artists whose songs you’ve covered?  A:  DAvid Cook is (Not surprisingly) the only one who said yes, he’s gotten good feedback.
  6. Q:  SImon, have you ever realized that you would be a great James Bond?  You’re sexy!  Hehehe.  A:  Simon said he loves the questions this week, and that yes, he would make a great James Bond.

Okay questions this week, but sometimes I don’t get why people think Simon is so sexy.  Paula is much sexier.  I guess women just like assholes and that’s the bottom line.

This week we are in for a treat with Maroon 5 performing.  Talk about a lead singer with an original talent.  He really has it going on if you ask me.  The style of music that they sing and write works perfectly with his voice.  If he was asked to sing songs from all the different decades and broadway and such like the idols have been, I don’t know that he would have lasted any longer than Luke did, but in the context of his band, he works.  Great performance by Maroon 5, honestly.  One of the best of the season. 

9:38, okay, so what else can we do for 15 minutes?  Oh yeah, we’ll talk to the lead singer Adam Levine.  His advice for the young idols?  “Get ready to work baby.”  As much as their lives have changed over the course of the season, they probably have no idea still how much work it will be to be on tour constantly and travelling on the road promoting their new albums and such.  I am sure they work really hard, but I’m also sure the advantages of that lifestyle far outweigh the hardships.

Another performance tonight, Bo Bice singing “Witness”.  Bo Bice was in the final two in season 4 I believe it was, and was beat out by Carrie Underwood.  Like David Cook, he is a bit different and more of a rocker that doesn’t fit the typical mold.  His performance tonight was very polished and seemed more like a seasoned professional than a contestant, so he’s really come a long way.  We can only hope that next year or the year after we will have Michael Johns return to the stage, polished and famous as he deserves… and Carly as well.  /sigh.  Bo’s advice to them is “Practice Practice Practice.”  He seems to be a fan of David Cook, which is no surprise.  Aww, and he said that his wife Caroline is pregnant with their second child, which is very sweet.  Congratulations to both of them.

9:53 now, so we’re bound to find out the top 3 in the next five minutes.  Syesha and Jason are in the center of the stage as Ryan takes them through a run-down of last night’s judges comments.  Get on with it!  Jason said someone told him “You shot the “Tambourine Man”  haha.  He also said that he packed his bags and is prepared to go home.  He said that last night was tough for him because his inexperience is catching up with him and that it’s tough.  Ryan asked Syesha why she got so emotional last night.  Didn’t he already ask her that exact question last night?  And her answer was exactly the same. 

Syesha is… In the top 3.  Jason Castro has been eliminated.  I think that was the right decision from America, but I have to applaud him for a great run this season.  He definitely has a great talent and there is something so special about him that is original and unique.  I know that if he comes out with an album, I will be there to buy it.  Great job Jason Castro. From what they showed us of his final performance, he did a much much better job tonight than he did last night.  I think he was just ready to go and he even said into the microphone “Next week is three songs, I don’t know what I would have done.” 

 I am glad to see Syesha move forward.  I never would have thought she would be in the top 3, but I think she has really stepped up her game and shown that she deserves to be there.  See you next week when the top 3 perform to see if Syesha can break up the David’s or if the all-David Finale everyone’s been predicting will become truth. 

As the final four American Idol contestants stood on the stage trembling with excitement and nerves, Ryan announced that “Nothing is Guaranteed, You HAVE to vote.”  Um… okay Ryan, whatever you say.  At this point, I would almost bet my entire life savings that it will be David and David at the Kodiak theater finals.  Almost.  He also said that three of the four finalists have been #1 in the votes at some point.  He didn’t say which three, but I am guessing Syesha has never been number 1, but she has definitely been getting better and better.

Two songs each tonight from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so song choice was probably a bit daunting this week.  So many amazing songs to choose from, but an amazing song doesn’t always translate into an amazing American Idol song, if you know what I mean.  If they want to impress the judges and of course, the voting public, they are each going to need something with a vocal wow factor.  You know, the kind that starts off slow or low and then builds and builds.  So, let’s see who delivers…

Round 1

David Cook “Hungry Like the Wolf”  Duran Duran                                                                                     

I am not sure that a song where the main lyrics are “Doo doo doo doo doo” is the best choice for a wow-factor type near-the-end song, but he did an okay job on his first song.  There wasn’t anything amazing about it or really that much different from the original version, but it was okay.  Randy said he didn’t have the amazing vocals that he’s looking for tonight (see).  Paula says he’s grown so much since the beginning.  She is actually very well spoken tonight, but almost sounds rehearsed.  Maybe she is more nervous about her own performance tonight than anyone else.  Simon said he was good enough to make it through to next week (duh), but it was a copycat performance.

Syesha Mercado “Proud Mary” TIna Turner

She started her video (I think they call it a “Package” which is strange to me, but anyway) saying that Proud Mary has been covered over 100 times.  However, after giving herself a little engine that could pep talk, she decided to just go for it and have fun.  I was honestly very nervous for her when she started, but soon I forgot my nerves and just enjoyed the music.  At first she was slow and sexy, but then she twirled gracefully and started dancing and singing her heart out.  I thought it was fantastic and that she was definitely ready to give her all to win this thing, maybe her best performance ever, and just in time.  Randy thought she did a “Nice” job.  Paula said she looks like a star, but Simon said it was a “Bad, shrieky impersonation of TIna Turner.”  Syesha retorted “I’m just having fun” and Simon snottily said back “Well, I didn’t”.  Ouch.  Why are they so hard on the women this year?  I thought she was great!

Jason Castro “I Shot the Sheriff”  BOb Marley

He looks great up on the stage and his guitar is truly beautiful, but he is just not a showstopper type of performer.  It’s really become obvious since the competition is building up to the final 2 that although he is unique and different and has something special, he is just not a wow, stand up and clap type performer.  I thought he did a good job tonight, but the song was not that wow for the AI stage.  Randy agreed, saying it was a Karaoke Bob MArley, Paula wasn’t crazy about the song, and Simon said it was “Utterly Atrocious”.  Wow, the judges really nailed him on this performance.  Ryan went so far as to say the judges looked pissed off, and they didn’t disagree.  Basically they said he isn’t proving that he’s good enough to be in the final four.  Ouch.  Well, that’s one way to make him super nervous about his second song.

David Archuleta  “Stand By Me”

Solidifying his role as easy-listening champion, DA once again has chosen a standard weepy type ballad that is bound to make your grandmother cry.  The version was a bit too drums-heavy for my taste, but he sang it well.  Honestly, though, if I had to close my eyes and listen, I would guess he was 37, not 17 years old.  THe judges, of course, loved it.  Randy said something curious, I thought.  “Here’s someone who every time he hits the stage is in it to win!”  Um… excuse me??  How quickly they forget that he botched lyrics not once, but TWICE this season.  They just want him to win so bad they can’t put him down.  It pisses me off.  Simon said that David was the best so far in the evening.  I think Syesha was better, but what do I know?


David Cook  “Baba O’Riley”  The Who

I guess he did okay on this song, but I honestly don’t recognize the song.  Maybe I am just not musically literate enough, because being in the hall of fame, this is probably a very well known song.  I just didn’t completely dig it, honestly.  He didn’t seem to be much better than the first performance, and he is missing that sparkle and newness that he used to have for me.  The judges, like robots trained on an all-David finale, went wild for it.  Paula said “I just want more David Cook.”  SImon just had four words to say “Welcome Back David Cook.”  Wha??  I don’t get where their critiques are coming from this year, to be honest.  I didn’t think this was up to the calibar of performance we have loved out of DC earlier this season.

Syesha Mercado  “A Change is Gonna Come”  Sam Cook

I’m usually the kind of person who cringes at people using the american flag or civil rights movement for sympathy votes, but I genuinely don’t think that Syesha was doing that with this song choice.  I think it was just a song that she connected with, and connect she did.  Not only was she by far the most personable and likable in her “video packages” tonight, she was the very best on the stage.  She started out holding a sultry, perfectly in tune pitch and I was in love with her performance right then and there.  For a girl who had trouble connecting with the audience and singing on pitch for the majority of her early performances, she has really come a hell of a long way.  Randy had me almost throwing things at the screen when he said he didn’t like her performance and that she was “trying to be something she wasn’t”.  He’s crazy!!  How could you cheer for David and David and then not like Syesha??  Paula redeemed the night by standing up and saying “Welcome to your Dreams Syesha, you’re a superstar.”  Of course, nowhere in her dreams did Randy say she wasn’t good, I”m sure.  But at least Simon agreed with Paula and said that Randy got it wrong.  Syesha let the tears flow on stage, saying she was overcome by what the song means to her.  I think her tears probably had more to do with  how hard she has tried to win over the judges and that no matter how much better she gets, she is still going to take crap from someone while lesser performances are getting praise.

Jason Castro  “Mr. Tambourine Man”  Bob Dylan

Oh crap, he just completely flubbed the lyrics.  The saddest thing about that is that this is actually a good song choice for him.  To forget the words at this point is just suicide.  He looks so great and I love that black shirt he’s wearing.  None of the judges had anything great to say, with SImon even going so far as to say “Pack your suitcase.”  I have been a huge fan of Jason from the start, but he just wasn’t on his best game tonight.  I think he’s definitely in trouble tonight.  The only thing that could possibly save him tonight is if the tweenie voters who are wild for his charm vote to keep him in.  If people vote based on pure vocals for the evening, he should be gone, though.

David Archuleta  “Love Me Tender”  Elvis Presley

Another ballad for Little David as the 40+ female crowd swoons.  DId he just say in his “Package” that he had to research the song cause he didn’t know it?  Wow, he’s so young.  To not know Elvis?  He certainly made the arrangement his own also.  I have a feeling he swiped it from someone on iTunes, but it was most definitely not Elvis’s version.  I’ve said all along that David probably has the best voice of everyone, but honestly, for me, he has no sparkle.  Randy thought it was amazing, “Hottest vocals of the night.”  Paula loved it, of course.  Simon said “You didn’t just beat the competition tonight, you crushed the competition.”  I almost can’t believe they are saying that.  Sure, he was good, but I feel like I’ve heard that type of performance at my local church every Sunday since I was 10 years old.  He’s sweet and he’s talented, but where’s the wow factor?  I don’t get it, but apparently he’s slated to win and there’s no holding him back now.

About a month ago, I was calling for Syesha’s departure, crying that she could not stay on pitch, and that was the truth.  But somehow, like a miracle, she has really pulled herself together and is fighting to stay alive in this competition.  The past few weeks, she has been on fire, pulling out all the stops and showing everyone that she deserves to be up there.  Regardless of her progress, the judges keeps telling her that she belongs on Broadway and that she is not good enough.  IN fact, the judges don’t have nice words for anyone besides the precious twin Davids.  I am so tired of those two getting praise reports no matter if they forget the lyrics or what.  Syesha out-performed everyone tonight and I can only hope that the voters recognize it en masses.  I would honestly love nothing more than a DAvid / Syesha finale at this point.  And by David, I mean Cook.  What do you think?  Will Jason go home tonight?  Or will it be Syesha?

After last week’s Carly outsting, I nervously tuned in, not sure what to expect from the American Teenie voters dialing frantically last night.  I can only hope that this week they got it right and will send Brooke packing.  I am also secretly hoping for a David Archuleta bottom 2.  Just because.

After the recaps from last night, Ryan had a serious message about Paula, saying that terrible rumors all over the internet after her ramblings last night are NOT true.  “She is a part of our family at American Idol and we love her.”  A teary Paula looked very upset.  For a moment, I feel as though Ryan Seacrest has come into my living room and personally scolded me.  I am guessing he was referring to people accusing her of being on drugs or being drunk on stage.  I have to say that I feel for her because she looks like she’s been crying all night long.  To be honest, though, she was pretty spacey last night.  She can’t speak coherently most of the time, so what does she expect the watching public to say about her?  Most people who are public speakers or spokespeople can at least form complete sentences.  I have always been a fan of Paula Abdul, and I have loved her shining, always hopeful, spirit on the show.  On the other hand, she has gotten increasingly less adorable as the seasons have progressed. 

And now on to the real topic of the show tonight… eliminations.  Jason Castro comes onto stage, a bit worried it seems.  Last night was not his most shining moment, but America still voted for him and he is sent to safety on the coaches of ugliness.  David Arculeta is next up.  Paula, in an effort to prove that she can speak clearly, proceeds to tell David that he’s… what?  I don’t know what she just said.  I think she said that he’s good.  Even Little David looked a bit confused and could only respond with a timid, I’ll try harder, type response.  No shockers here, Little David is safe. 

Ah, and here is the winning cup of the “Design the Coca Cola Cup” competition.  It’s actually a really nice cup.  I kind of want one now.  It’s red (of course) with white stars and black silouhettes of performers and the crowd at the show.  Nice job to the winner.  Where can I get one?

David Cook is up next.  We are closer now to the all-David finale that we all feel is inevitable as Ryan announces that he is safe.  So, Booke and Syesha are the bottom 2 are the bottom 2 this week, which is both a relief and a quiet disappointment.  I think Brooke is a goner, but I fear for Syesha.  Even though I have been shouting for her removal for weeks and weeks, I think Syesha is one of the few on this show who has truly grown in her scope and talent.  She has blossomed into a really great performer, and when she manages to stay in tune, she has some really amazing moments.  She has shown of late that she is capable of both the intimate and soulful moments as well as the big, showy take-control stage performer moments of a true diva.  While I do not think that she should have outlast Carly’s big beautiful talent, I think that Syesha is better than Brooke.  Of course, Ryan isn’t going to let us know the winner at only half past 9.  We will have to sit through another 25 minutes of pointless, excrutiating nail-biting moments before we know the final four.

Oh god, here’s the worst part of the show.  I might as well go get a drink.  Listeners call in time. 

  1. Why is Paula the only one who gives contestants a break?  “What the contestants do is hard, and someone has to give them a break.”
  2. When is the next time Paula and Randy are going to do a video together?  “We’ll be dancing like there’s no tomorrow”
  3. Simon, which of these two performances is the most memorable??  Your first kiss with Paula?  Or your first kiss with me in the garden when you were 9 years old??  Omg, an actually great question!!!  Tara Miller, his real first kiss!!  Wow, this is unreal.  Simon is blushing!!  Ryan jumped in an asked if Simon is a good kisser.  Her answer?  “Um…”  Haha.  Then he asked if she still looks cute.  Awww.  This is awesome!!  Ryan is going to exchange numbers for them.  Wouldn’t that be great if they ended up hooking up again!  I am totally shocked that there was actually a great listener question.  Bravo!!!

 Ford Commercial time.  Pretty mellow tonight, eh.  Ooo, but Neil DIamond time.  With a black leather jacket and a really beautiful acoustic guitar (and a swaying half band behind him, hmmm) he was singing pretty tame.  I would guess the song is called “Amazing Grace” or something like that.  Now, after the amazing and dynamic performances I have seen him do in the past, this is a bit boring honestly.  I guess I forgot to mention that Natasha Bedingfield already performed, but there wasn’t much to note there either.  Overall tonight, this is not their best guest artist night of the year.  Aww, but there is his Mom, wearing a white American Idol jacket.  She’s so cute!  Wow, she must be 80 years old.  That is super sweet.

Neil Diamond’s advice for longevity in the arena of performing artists?  Stick with it, work hard, don’t listen to what Simon says.  Don’t ever stop if you love it.  Good advice, honestly.  Hoorah.  Okay, now tell us who is going home.

The two ladies are called down to the stage and Brooke is already crying.  “The contestant leaving us tonight is… Brooke.”  I think she already knew it, honestly.  I think this is absolutely the right choice this week.  She looks absolutely crushed, which is always the saddest part to watch.  A seal clap from Paula and a pat on the back from probable future winner David Cook can’t even cheer her up, but she did make it through the performance.  At the end, she was completely overcome with tears as she retreated to the back of the stage.  So with a tearful departure from Brooke, we are down to the final four on American Idol 7. 




We are down to the Top 5 contestants and that means two songs each all packed into one hour. Without Carly to look forward to, I’m not sure who I’m most rooting for this week. It seems as though an all David finale is inevitable, so I am not sure whether to pick my favorite David and ride him all the way to the end or to hope for an underdog victory. Maybe tonight someone will step forward and really wow me.

Tonight’s mentor is Neil Diamond, which will prove very different from last week’s Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway week. The judges, Ryan tells us, are not going to say anything about the contestants until they are done with both of their songs, which makes me very happy. Most of what they say is just the same crap every week anyway at this point.

Jason Castro  – 

  1. “Forever in Blue Jeans” – I love to watch Jason play his guitar in that easy sexy style of his.  He did a good job, but I think at this point he’s getting too boring to be in the American Idol finale.  It was a good song and he sang it well, but that’s all I have to say about it really.
  2. “September Morn’ ”  _  A ballad on the second choice, sitting on a stool without a guitar, just holding the microphone was a good choice for him.  I think, though, that for the first time all season he was a little bit off pitch.  He was really missing some of his magical connection, which I chalk up to song choice.  He said that he had something in his throat right before he started singing, but there’s just no good excuse at this stage in the competition.  The judges felt the same way, and said that he was just not himself this week.

David Cook  – 

  1. “I’m Alive” – FIrst off, let me just ask one question.  What is up with the AC/DC jacket on Neil DIamond night?  I didn’t get it honestly.  Maybe he’s trying to do some DC for David Cook thing, but it just doesn’t really go with the theme of the evening if you ask me.  And I did not like the V neck red shirt under it either.  But as for his performance, it was really good.  He isn’t doing anything revolutionary with his rock star turn around at this point, but at least he’s consistent with his style and his vocals. 
  2. “All I really Need is You” –   His second choice of song was what I had been looking for all night far.  Someone finally showing that they care if they win or lose this competition.  He went with an electric guitar on the first song tonight and then switched to acoustic for the second.  His performance felt so much more intimate and passionate, and the way he sang with all of his heart from the bridge on gave me chills.  The judges loved his performance with Paula even saying that she thinks she is already looking at the American Idol.  Simon thought his first song was okay, but the second one was brilliant.  It was current and was a fresh arrangement. 

Brooke White  –

  1. “I’m A Believer” – Why Brooke why?  This was just NOT the song for her.  She looks so tense and uncomfortable on the stage, which is unusual when she’s playing her guitar.  Maybe she is just freaked out that she messed up so badly last week and she knows that messing up again would be suicide… I don’t know.  She doesn’t look great with that weird ruffled shirt and she just doesn’t sound good on this song. 
  2. “I Am ” – On the piano for her second song, she did a much better job.  She had some lyrics written on her hand, though, which is just terrible.  She just is cracking under the pressure and she is probably the one who deserves to go home most this week.  Her voice is all crackly and I don’t get why Randy and the other judges are always so quick  to praise her for her FLAWS.  Surely we aren’t looking for someone with so many flaws??  If I want flaws I can go out to any bar here in Raleigh and find something equally poorly done.  Simon said he hated the first song but that she was better on the second.  Overall I am not impressed with her these last few weeks and I think it is her week to go home.

David Archuleta  –

  1. “Sweet Caroline” – Wow, Neil DIamond called David a prodigy, imagine that.  He hit the nail on the head though when he said that David needs to listen to his advice and learn a few more things.  That’s what separates the two Davids at this point, honestly.  Their independence and ability to exist on their own.  Little D did an okay job on this song, but I think he had a hard time finding the pitch at the beginning.
  2. “America” – Let all the over 50 crowd get to their feet, David A is in the house!  He’s so easy-listening and predictable.  Even the embellishments he puts on the music is old fashioned and so overdone.  Out of all of the contestants he has the sweetest sounding voice and probably the most pure vocal talent, but he might as well be 50 years old for all the lack of freshness he chose.  The judges liked him as always and Simon thought it was a brilliant song choice (referencing KLC’s Lee Greenwood week here maybe?).  I mean, who wouldn’t vote for the wonder boy singing a song about America?? I won’t, for one.  I personally think he’s a bit too old fashioned, but you don’t hear them getting onto him about it.  No, they called Syesha’s first song old fashioned, which is just bullshit, honestly.  Ugh.  I think they have already picked this kid out to win on the production staff, so heaven forbid anyone criticize him.

Syesha Mercado  –

  1. “Hello” – This is one of my all time favorite ND songs, and I have to give Syesha a virtual high five for nailing it tonight on this one.  She looks so soft and beautiful with her hair long and in loose curls.  Her decision to start out sitting on the edge of the stairs on the stage with her bare feet made the beginning so sweet and personal.  Of the first round of performances, I think this was my favorite.
  2. “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime”  –  She might not always be on pitch and lord knows I’ve torn her apart for it in the past, but let me just say that she’s the only performer tonight who took control of the stage and really performed for the audience.  She was smiling and having a good time, she looked great, and she really was in it to win it.  Once again, however, Randy had to make a comment about she belongs on Broadway.  Then, Paula basically said the same thing.  It’s almost as if they are trying to push her off the stage and onto the streets of New York.  Simon thinks she is a good actress/singer but that she is going to be in trouble because there are only five left and she is the next to go.  DId he not hear Brooke’s performance??   /sigh.

Tonight I was really missing Carly and her amazing onstage energy.  After all is said and done with tonight’s performance, I think it is extremely clear who the producers want to see in the final two and they will probably get their way.  Tonight, however, the only two that were even good enough to mention in detail were David Cook and Syesha Mercado.  Yes, I am actually saying that Syesha did a great job, and she basically was told by the judges that she belongs on Broadway and not on the pop stage.  Maybe they are right and I think she will have a brilliant career on the stage somewhere, but I think they gave too many compliments to Brooke and little David, and not nearly enough to Syesha.  THe judges have almost become more of a voter manipulation tool than anything else at this point.  What do you think?  Who will be in trouble tomorrow night?  Do you think anyone can nudge the two David’s out of the finale at this point?

Oh, and before I go, I have to mention that in between songs one and two, what was up with Paula Abdul?  Did she get hit with the stupid stick on her way into the studio tonight or what?  She has never sounded more clueless, and that’s truly saying a lot.  She was discussing Jason’s second song and he hadn’t even sang it yet!!  Simon basically interrupted her and wouldn’t let her continue on, which was honestly doing her a favor before she said anything else that was completely humiliating.  What did you think of Paula’s stupid comments tonight? 

I am honestly starting to lose my faith in the American public.  I know this is a free country and people can vote for whoever they want to, but this is ridiculous.  In what strange universe is it okay for someone to screw up their words to the point where they have to start over and then can barely continue on, but delivering the best performance of the night and being full of energy and amazing singing sends you home?  I am so mad right now!!

The show tonight started out just like any other elimination show… basically 50 minutes of fluff and unnecesary torture followed by 10 minutes of complete shock.  I just don’t understand what America is thinking.  I demand a recount!  Are the producers secretly blocking numbers or something?  This just isn’t right, honestly. 

Let’s revisit last night’s performances.  Brooke completely screwed up.  She started the song, forgot the words, and had to start over.  Then what she did sing ended up being tense and awkward.  David Archuleta sang an “easy listening” version of a popular female belter song and also forgot the words, but did the judges even mention it?  No, instead they glossed over it, saying he’s the one to beat, and he sailed through without a problem.  Jason Castro, while charming and endearing as usual, picked a song that was just odd for him and there were no chill bump kind of moments there.  On the other hand, Syesha delivered the performance of her AI career (albeit a tiny bit off pitch) and Carly sang her heart out (completely on pitch and full of energy).  I will admit that Carly sang the wrong words, but she delivered them with confidence and conviction, not shouting for a “do-over” or singing blah blah blah to cover it up. 

How is it possible that Syesha and Carly got put in the bottom 2 tonight??  I can understand Syesha more than Carly because let’s face it, Syesha has been searching for the right pitch since day one and has yet to completely find it.  On the other hand, there is something soulful about her, and her performance last night was one of the best by far.  And Carly… sweet Irish barmaid Carly.  THe girl has a voice that can move mountains.  I don’t get why the judges have been so hard on her this year.  In my opinion, she has the best voice in the competition as far as pure raw vocal talent goes.  She might get a bit “shouty” sure, but what the hell does Celine DIon do onstage everyday of her life?  She shouts, for god’s sake, and people pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to hear her shout.  Carly does not deserve to be going home! 

Tonight’s show almost feels pointless to recap.  I do find it worth noting that they showed a video clip of Tamyra Gray from season 1 tonight.  I can very vividly remember being upset when she was eliminated because she had really performed amazing the night before.  I am happy to see that she has found happiness on Broadway, but that was just the very first time on American Idol that the best vocalist didn’t go through.  I guess no one ever said American Idol was about fairness… it most certainly is about popularity.  The thing I just don’t understand is why the hell Brooke is more popular than Carly?  SImon said she was sitting up there on the “safe” couches simply because she showed that she was human.  Well, I can be human too!  I can get up there on stage and mess up just as well as she can!  It’s easy to mess up.  Getting up there with heart and spirit and energy and singing an octave range song at the top of your lungs however is not easy.  And we aren’t supposed to be voting for the American Human… it’s supposed to be about finding a superstar.

But Carly is gone and there’s nothing to be done about it now.  After Michael Johns getting voted off a few weeks ago and now this… I am not even sure who I am rooting for anymore.  It seems predictable now that the two Davids will be the final men standing once we get to the Kodiak theater in four weeks.  This totally sucks.  Carly was really super talented and did not deserve to go home.  Her only consolation is that at least KLC went first. 

Next week is Neil Diamond week and I guess I will have to see if I’m even up for watching anymore Idol this season.  It will take me at least a week to get over this. 


We are down to just 6 in the quest for the next American Idol, and we all know that we have reached a point where we are getting attached to our favorites.  I dare say that there are a lot of people out there who loved Michael Johns so much they either quit watching all together, or else have been searching aimlessly for another idol to pin their dreams on.  But most people have their favorite safely tucked into the top 6 and are ready to dial like crazy to keep them there.  It’s at this point in the competition where we all are willing to sort of look past the mistakes our favorite makes and are all too quick to point out the misgivings and mistakes of the ones we don’t like so much.  I am no different, so don’t expect this recap to be completely unbiased. 

Having an Andrew Lloyd Webber evening confuses me a bit.  Hasn’t Simon always put people down when they sound too “Broadway”?  I mean, where was Broadway night when Clay Aiken needed it?  I suppose they are trying to bring on big named stars like Webber and to also push the contestants to see who can shine no matter what the assignment.  Tonight should certainly show us who has the vocal chops and who doesn’t.  It’s times like this that I miss Michael Johns… he would have done awesome this week I think.  Oh well, we miss you Michael!

Syesha Mercado – “One Rock and Roll Too Many” – In her video with ALW, I think she kind of talked back to him a bit, which was so off-putting.  I mean, this man is a legend in his art, you just don’t say things like “Well, this is American Idol, not musical theater.”  Ouch.  And, can I just say… what musical is this song even from?  I’ve never heard it and I love musical theater.  Out of all of the amazing songs she could have picked… /sigh.  She looked fantastic though with her tight red dress and her hair in a fancy updoo.  Too bad she couldn’t hit the right notes.  It’s as if she begins to push so that she can belt it out, and she loses the pitch.  Here’s what the judges had to say:  Randy said it was her best performance and she could be a huge broadway star.  Paula says she was in her “happy place”.  Simon said it was sexy.  He thinks it was her strongest performance and that she showed masses of personality.  They all think she is more comfortable in Broadway music.  In my opinion though, she would not get a job on broadway because she can’t sing consistently on pitch. Am I the only that hears that??  Come on people!

Jason Castro – “Memory”  from Cats – In his stage time with Ryan he admitted that he was nervous at this week.  The video was hilarious because ALW said “I never thought I would have heard a man singing Memory with dreadlocks.”  It’s almost perfect that Jason has no idea what the musical is about and has never seen it.  In his performance he sort of lost me on the lower parts, where his voice disappeared a bit.  BUt there is something really sexy and sweet and beautiful about his voice on the higher parts.  I could swoon when I hear it.  I don’t think the judges were swooning though.  Randy thought it was a trainwreck.  “It’s just not your thing dude.”  Paula thought it was interesting because people are used to hearing a power female singing it, and it gave him a chance to show his personality.  Simon thought it came off as a young guy being forced to sing at a wedding.  Haha.  I definitely did not think it was his best night, but did anyone really expect broadway night to be his best? 

Brooke White – “You Must Love Me”  from Evita – Is anyone else tired of the way Brooke purses her lips and furrows her brow and looks so serious and puppy dog?  After this great vid where ALW said she was a natural actress and Brooke was saying that she thinks it is her most powerful moment on the show… she gets up on stage on her stool… and she FORGETS THE WORDS.  How many times has Brooke messed up the beginning of her songs?  All it does is make me nervous for her.  How can someone be a national performing artist when they keep forgetting their words?  You could tell over the rest of the song that she was trying her best to get it together and force us all to feel what she was trying to make us feel.  It just didn’t work though, and it came off too boring.  Randy thought there were parts that were good, and that she connected with her music, but vocally it was tough.  Paula said “You must never stop and start.” It was a moment where I felt like Paula was seriously disappointed in her.  It was like a mother telling her child what not to do.  Simon said that her mess-up at the opening distracted her the rest of the song and made it uncomfortable.  For the first time during judging, Brooke was actually speechless until Ryan asked her why she stopped and started.  She said “I forgot the lyric.  ANd it’s the first time it’s happened on this show.”  Okay, so maybe the first time she forgot the words, but she stopped and restarted a few weeks ago on “Every breath you take.”  I thought I would want Syesha gone this week, but now I’m convinced that Brooke should be the next to go.

David Archuleta – “Think Of Me” from Phantom of the Opera – ALW’s advice to young David… “Open your eyes. and Open your eyes”.  He also called him Little David, hahaha.  He certainly took some risks with this song this week and stepped out of his box for the first time, making taking cues from the big David for once.  He sang this very quintessential broadway female belter song and added an acoustic guitar and some pop elements. Everything was going along great until there was a moment in the middle… did he forget his words too?  You can’t be serious?  He covered well, but I am sure that he did.  Let’s see if the judges caught that or if I’m just insane.  Randy thinks Little David is what this show’s all about and that he’s the one to beat.  Paula thought it was absolutely perfect.  As for Simon, he thought it was a weak performance for him, forgettable, but pleasant and enough to get him through to next week.  No one said anything about him missing the words, but it sure sounded like he was babbling until his mind caught back up with his tongue.  /shrug.

Carly Smithson – “Jesus Christ Superstar” – She had picked out a ballad from Phantom, but ALW told her to that a girl with a tattoo on her arm needed to do a belting song.  He definitely did her a favor there, because she came alive on stage.  She had a great 70’s type dress, she looked amazing, and she was smiling and seemed so happy.  How can Randy say that wasn’t the best performance??  IS he HIGH??  He’s off if he thinks David’s performance was the one to beat?  I am so tired of them being hard on here.  Paula thought it was surprising and fantastic.  SImon said it was a bit shouty, but one of the best performances of the night.  In a very cute stage moment, Ricky Minor handed Carly a shirt that said “SImon Loves Me (This Week)”.  I love Carly’s energy and happiness on stage this week.  She did a great job, and I was so relieved to finally hear something with some great energy to it. 

David Cook – “Music of the Night” from Phantom of the Opera – Wow, so you’re telling me a man is singing a song that man is actually supposed to sing?  Haha.  ALW said it is the most sensual and sexy song he’s ever written.  I will never get the image of him telling David to imagine that he’s a sexy chorus girl out of my head, but moving on… I think it was brilliant for David to just let his voice shine this week.  He didn’t try to do what everyone was expecting and turn it into a pop ballad.  He really let it be a broadway song, and I loved it.  He proved that he has the voice to really pull it off, and that is not an easy song to sing.  He has an amazing vocal range.  Okay, so it might have been a bit sappy, but it was solid and one of the best of the night.  Randy said it was amazing, a “molten hot lava bomb.”  Paula thinks it proved he is well-rounded with a beautiful instrument.  Simon said it isn’t the side of him he likes, but he made the most of the song. 

Overall, I think Carly did the best job this week, followed by David and David.  The bottom 3 should be Syesha, Brooke, and Jason.  I think it’s Brooke’s turn to go this time.  Let me just say that if I had the opportunity to sing Andrew Lloyd Webber on stage, I would pick the song “As if We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard.  If anyone had done that song tonight, they could have really pulled the house down.  I wish someone had done that.  No one really brought the house down tonight, but if anyone came close it was Carly.  I can’t wait to see how America votes this week. 

Yay!  Kristy Lee Cook is finally going home!  I honestly feel like I have been waiting for this moment for weeks.  She stayed a lot longer than I ever expected her to, but I am glad she is gone.  Honestly, she should have gone before Michael Johns, but what can you do?  Here is what I wrote as I was watching the show tonight:

I am going to just write as I go tonight instead of writing my post afterwards.  I am so nervous to find out who is going home tonight.  After last week’s shocking elimination of Michael Johns, one of the most talented (and good looking) contestants, I am dying to see how America voted this week.  I can only imagine that after losing a favorite last week, people dialed their little fingers off to make sure their favorite doesn’t go home tonight. 

The obligatory Idol sing-a-long song tonight is “One Sweet Day”.  I think everyone did a good job, but Brooke’s part was really low.  I don’t like that.  Everything else is good though.  Highlights from last night just remind me how much I want Syesha or Kristy to go home.  Wow, Brooke was really kind of bad last night too, wasn’t she? 

Okay, here we go with the eliminations:  Hmm… Ryan told Jason to start a group to the left and then sent David Cook to the right.  What does that mean?  Okay, so here is Carly.  She says that she thinks Simon has been a bit tough on her all season.  Simon says that he’s tough on her because he thinks she has so much potential and he wants to push her to get better and better. Ryan sends Carly to the left with Jason.  Kristy Lee comes out and also makes a comment about Simon, although she is slightly less elegant in her description.  Instead of saying he’s been tough on her, she says Simon has been a bit of a “butt”.  When she said that I could just feel Simon’s eyes rolling back in his head.  Haha, notice that he didn’t interject a comment about being tough on her because he thinks she’s got so much potential.  Ryan sends her over to the right with David Cook.  At this point, I have no idea which side is safe and which side is in the bottom 3.  I would find it hard to believe that David Cook got into the bottom 3, but then again, Jason Castro surely isn’t in the bottom either??  We’ll have to wait until after the commercial break.  THey are really trying to build up the suspense this week.

Um… the Ford Commercial this week is kind of interesting.  All of the idols are office puppets with strings, singing “I want to break free.”  Then, they cut off the strings and run from the office to get into their red Ford vehicles.  The girls all have their hair up in curls.  It looks good on Kristy but odd on the rest of them.

Elliott Yamin makes an appearance singing his new song.  I didn’t catch the name, but is saying “Free” a lot, so I’m guessing that is in the title somewhere.  It always amazes me to see past Idol contestants come back and sound great and look so polished.  It just goes to show you that a lot of people on the show really do have the potential to be stars.  Aww, at the end he did the same thing like David Cook did last week with the “GIve Back” written on his hand.. but instead Elliott’s hand says “We Miss You Mom.”  Oh my god, his mother died this week??  I can’t believe he was able to perform.  He said it is the first time his mother has not been in the audience when he performed.  Poor Elliott.

Syesha is out on stage and Ryan sends her over to stand with Jason and Carly.  Brooke is the next one out, and I think she looks great tonight!  She is wearing white jeans and a gray shirt with a sparkly silver tank top over it.  She looks good.  Ryan sends her over to stand with David and Kristy.  So now we know that wherever he sends David Archuleta is the safe group.  I guess we know that David A. is safe because there are already two groups of three, so wherever he goes makes the four safe ones. 

And now it is time for the live call-ins.  The first question is asking Kristy Lee whether or not she bought her horse back.  She said the guy she sold it to doesn’t want to sell it back.  Ha!  The next question is asking the judges what the first album they bought.  The only answer of note is Simon jokingly saying “I remember that I was 10 years old and it was “straight up” by Paula Abdul”.  Haha, as if he is really older than her.  The next question was asking Paula which song of hers best describes her relationship with Simon.  She said “Straight up I’ll tell you that I”ll never be Forever Your Girl.”  Lame.  The last question of the night is asking David Cook if he is single.  He blushed and said yes, which was followed by a multitude of screams from the audience.  I think the call-in portion of the show is kind of lame in general.  I guess it’s thrilling if you’re the one who gets to call in, but other than that, it’s boring.

Very not boring though is Mariah Carey singing a song from her new album “E=MC2”.  She looks so incredibly sexy wearing a slinky and very short black backless dress.  I wonder if the people in the mosh pit can see her underwear, haha.  Dang, she’s brave to wear something so short considering she is up above those people.  Does she have her own personal fan blowing her hair in the wind?  It looks like it.  It’s hard to believe she is 38 years old.  She looks like she’s in her 20’s.  She sounds so good too, and I love that sparkly microphone she is using.  Now, the way she sings when she’s getting into it with the vocal runs and her range.. that’s the way Syesha tries (but fails) to sing.  Along with a shameless plug of her new album (in stores today) she says that she loves herself some Randy.  Her final advice for the contestants is to “Do You, and everything is gonna be alright.”  What is it with people using lyrics from their songs in their regular speech tonight?  Anyway, great job Mariah, this was a good week of songs.

David A. comes out onto the stage.  Ryan tells him he is safe.  Okay, so tell us something we didn’t know.  Oh my god, he’s switching the groups out.  He tells David to swap with Syesha.  He’s killing me.  Then he tells David to join the group that he thinks is safe.  Wow, what a way to put him on the spot!!  David just decided to sit down on the stage, because he doesn’t want to pick, so Ryan just tells us:

Safe:  Carly (YEAH!), David Cook, Jason Castro, and David Archuleta.

Bottom 3:  Syesha, Kristy Lee, and Brooke. 

I am so happy right now!  The only thing that will make me happier is if Kristy Lee goes home, but Syesha can go too for all I care.  Back from commercial break, KLC looks really scared.  Ryan sends Syesha to safety, which is a bit disappointing.  Please let it be KLC going home!  If it’s Brooke, she has every right to scream and throw a fit.  Simon says that he thinks Brooke will be safe.  And the verdict is:  Kristy Lee Cook is Eliminated!!!!   This is probably the first elimination I have actually been Happy about!!!  She is crying but she should really be grateful that she made it as far as she did.  America finally got it right!!  This is a huge wake-up call for Brooke though, so she better step it up next week.  Next week is Andrew Lloyd Webber songs which should be amazing.  I am so glad to see Kristy Lee Cook go home this week, so thank you America!!  I am sure that she will show up on a country album, but at least they’ll be able to fix her pitch problems in the studio with digital technology these days.