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Yay!!!  With a lead of 12 million votes, David Cook has been crowned the Season 7 winner of American Idol!!  After watching a star-studded and emotional 2 hour concert event at the Nokia Theater, Ryan announced the winner, but as Simon said moments before the results were read, “For the first time, i don’t really care who wins because you are both winners.”  How true.

We are always hearing about how American Idol is first and foremost a singing competition, and the final 2 this year proved time and time again that they had the vocal chops to earn the title.  David Archuleta certainly sang his heart out last night and most of the season, but in the end, it was David Cook who came out on top.  I think that it ultimately came down to variety.  Where David Archuleta could never really deliver anything amazing beyond a beautiful vocal ballad, David Cook proved that he could go anywhere from uptempo to ballad to rock to broadway without missing a beat.  I think that it is also appropriate that on the first season ever to allow instruments, the winner was a guitar player.  Sure, we heard Little David play the piano once or twice, but David Cook it truly at home with both the acoustic and electric guitars we have gotten used to seeing him play.

Thank you for checking out this site this season and reading my recaps.  I have really enjoyed the show and writing about it.  What a great season!  Seeing the final 12 perform a George Michael medley of songs towards the end of the show tonight brought back memories of so many amazing performances from this season.  It really made me sad when I saw Chikezie up there because I had almost forgotten how amazing he could be.  With a few different song choices, it easily could have been him up there in the top 3 or 4 of the season, but so much of Idol is about song choice and about playing the right cards at the right time.  Seeing Carly and Michael Johns also made me smile because they are two of my favorite AI contestants of all time, and I think they will go far in their careers if given a chance.

So, David Cook.  From word nerd to American Idol.  The season ended with his performance of the winning song “Time of My Life”.  I thought that it was an awesome song and he sounded amazing singing it.  I can’t wait to hear it on the radio and to hear his first album.  Great season everyone!!  I look forward to the music you all will be making in the years to come, keep it up!!!  Congratulations David Cook!!!



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