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I was half hoping for a major upset on tonight’s American Idol Elimination, but it just wasn’t in the stars for Syesha to make the final two. After last night’s song choices, it was obvious who the producers wanted to go home. David Cook was given a very well known, power house of an Aerosmith song, as well as a stage full of string players and fabulous lighting. How could he go wrong?? Even his off pitch last note couldn’t stop Simon from calling it David’s night. David Archuleta was given a much less show-tastic song from the producers, but it was right up his alley and catered heavily to his over 40 female fan-base. Syesha, on the other hand, was saddled with a song most people have never even heard of, and which did not do her any favors. She didn’t have a chance to wow anyone with that song choice, which is, in my estimation, exactly what the producers wanted.

I was still secretly wishing that she would pull it off, though. Syesha was one of my favorites right from the start, but after she made the top 20’ish, she started to go a bit off-key with a lot of her songs. There were about six weeks there where I just wasn’t convinced she had the vocal chops that she thought she had. Then, about four weeks ago, she came out of nowhere with some amazing song choices and an amazing stage attitude. I think out of everyone this season, she was the most improved vocalist, and she deserved every bit of top 3. Okay, so there is still a part of me that mourns the loss of Carly Smithson and would have loved to see her break top 3, but that’s beside the point.

Before I move on, can I just say what the hell was up with Fantasia’s performance tonight?? Oh my god, I wanted to change the channel. She looked terrible and frankly, she looked trashy. All she did was shout and gyrate in a very abnormal and unattractive way. Simon’s open mouth says it all. WTF?

Moving on to a more pleasant topic, tonight’s elimination show also took us to each of the final 3’s hometown holidays. David Archuleta’s was exactly what you would expect… a bunch of young girls and teenagers, as well as a bunch of 40+ moms and grandmothers screaming their hearts out. He got teary eyed and seemed overwhelmed and just as dazed as he was on day one of the competition. I have to tell you, I don’t quite buy that he’s as blown away by all this as he pretends to be. This kid has been groomed by his orange beret, ugly green shirt, back stage father for exactly this kind of thing since he was a wee tot. He’s done tv performances and pimped his vocal talent from one end of the world to the other. American Idol is just a stepping stone and he already knows that he can sing. I don’t think he’s surprise at all, honestly.

Syesha’s homecoming was very touching, I thought. I was nervous at first that she would pull out the annoying baby cry when a woman in the crowd threw a baby at her, but thank god, she didn’t resort to that again. I think the most touching part of her trip was having her father say that even though he’s struggled with drug and alcohol problems, he is proud of his daughter and that she has given him a reason to stay clean. She was in the limo on the way back to California when she broke down in tears and said “This is my dream and I’m living it.” That felt like such a genuine moment and a tribute to what American Idol can mean to someone’s life.

David Cook seemed the most at-ease with his super-stardom on his trip home to Kansas City. I also think he had the best turn out overall. Did you notice how his crowd was much more diversified than Little David’s? And how sweet was it when he brought flowers to his elementary school music teacher? As a former elementary school music teacher myself, I was honestly touched by the fact that he thought of her and honored her in that way. In fact, just that simple gesture shows that he understands this experience is about so much more than just him. “This is the coolest day of my life.” He said. I wanted to say, yeah, so far… wait till next week.

No shocking final 2 this year on American Idol. David Cook and David Archuleta will face off at the Kodiak theater in what Simon says will be a “real humdinger”. I’m a little nervous to hear what sappy bit of cheese the songwriters have come up with, but I just hope that both David’s get an equal bid at the title. Both of them are talented, but my vote is for David Cook. As for Syesha, hats off to you for a great season and for really stepping up your game and growing throughout the experience. I hope to see you in a major Broadway show soon!


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  1. I was so saddened to find out about this. You never know how Simon is going to go.

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