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Tonight is the night!!!  I have been thinking about this for the past four days with such anticipation.  I have never looked forward to a Survivor Finale as much as this one.  It all comes down to Cirie, Amanda, Parvati, and Natalie (the last surviving Fan).  The most exciting thing about it is that all four of the remaining players deserve to win.  I think I definitely have a couple I am rooting for more than the other two, but I’ll honestly be happy and satisfied no matter who wins.  I just can’t wait to see how it plays out.

The episode opens with the four ladies dancing together on the beach, “Final Four!”  The cleverly dubbed “Blackwidow Brigade” has set its trap over and over for the men and they have just fallen prey to these women without knowing what hit them.  It is awesome to see an all-women final four getting so excited about their victories so far in the game! 

Day 37.  One day left.  I think the women are as surprised at their skills in getting the men out as the guys were.  Of course, they blindsided Alexis too, and that was Amanda and Parvati alone that did that, so we can’t forget.  The girls seem to be taking care of themselves easily, too, climbing trees for coconuts and using the machete and taking care of their own needs. 

In a side moment, Parvati and Natalie expressed their joy at both of them being left in the final four.  “We get each other,” says Natalie.  Parvati is the only one playing Natalie to make sure that she is taking her to the final two (or three?  it’s been three in most seasons of late, but maybe two this time).  But will Natalie be the next to go?  CIrie seems certain that as long as Natalie does not win this next challenge, she will be the one voted off.  After all, CIrie, Amanda and Parv had an alliance set up towards the beginning, so I wonder if they will stay true to each other.

The Immunity Challenge involves filling up a bucket to raise keys in the water, unlock a trunk, assemble a ladder, raise their flag and win.  I think this is a repeat also.  What happened to the highly creative challenges we used to love?  Surely they aren’t running out of ideas this easily? 

Natalie is off to a great start and is the first one to grab her key and get into the water.  Parvati is quick to follow her.  Wow, Amanda is sucking at this.  I expect suckage from Cirie on most challenges, but Amanda is usually great at stuff like this.  She should be giving 100% at this stage.  Amanda is next to go with Cirie following closely behind.  Natalie starts assembling her ladder first, but everyone is on their ladder quickly after her.  There are 16 rungs and each will only fit on the ladder one way.  Amanda might be working faster, but it’s so hard to tell.  Sometimes I think they try to make it look closer than it really is just to add to the tension. 

Natalie is having a ton of trouble with the ladder puzzle, but Amanda is rocking it.  Wow, I was wrong about Amanda not giving it her all.  Amanda rocked the puzzle, putting it together before anyone else even got close, and she wins immunity!!  Now, who will they vote out?  At this point, all that matters is who you think you can beat with the jury.  Parvati has pissed off a LOT of those people that are on the jury, so she might be the best one to take with you.  Natalie has a group of the “fans” that would probably like to see her win, so she might be a good one to vote out.  Then again, she’s pissed off a lot of people.  It’s so hard to know who is the best one to vote out. 

Back at camp, Natalie knows that she’s the one on the outside, but she’s not giving up without a fight.  Amanda and Parvati sneak off on the beach to talk about their vote and it looks like they are concerned about Cirie swaying votes on the jury.  One comment from Parv made me laugh.  She said “Cirie’s lucky to be with us.”  She has no idea how much Cirie has done to get people out.  Cirie knows she might be in trouble, but I have to wonder why she was sitting on a log all day looking upset rather than pulling Amanda and Parv off to the side to make sure she was safe with them.  That’s what I would have done if I were her. 

At tribal council, Natalie seems like she’s taking credit for the blindside.  There’s something about her that I don’t like.  Wow, Ozzie still looks like he’s holding a grudge.  Cirie looks really worried.  She made a statement about feeling like she has been at the bottom of the alliance the whole time.  Amanda seemed to take offense to that, which I read as her only excuse for voting out Cirie tonight at tribal.  I really hate to see Cirie go home, but getting rid of her is probably the best decision right now.  She was my pick as the winner from the beginning, so of course I’m sad.  Okay, here are the votes.  Cirie.  Natalie.  Natalie.  Natalie.  Woot!!!  Yeah for Cirie!! 

Goodbye to Natalie, the last fan standing, but I am soo happy to see the Favorites alliance stick together.  That day out on the boat with just those three girls was close to the beginning, and at the time I had little faith that Amanda and Parvati would stick with Cirie above their precious men, but they really did it. 

At camp, Amanda got really mad at Cirie for making them “look awful”.  She opened up a can of worms here with Cirie screaming at them.  I totally get where Cirie is coming from here, too.  She yelled, “Parvati was over there snuggled up with James and you’re over there snuggled up with Ozzie, what was I supposed to feel?”  Their moment of yelling turned to tears and apologies.  Amanda said that she came straight here from China and she’s just exhausted.  Jeff’s words at tribal put doubts in their heads, though.  Is it final 3 as in the past few seasons?  Or are they going to make it a final 2 and vote one more person out?? 

They released “Gloria” the chicken, but she decided to lay eggs on the beach instead of leaving camp.  Aww, that is sweet.  After a while, the three went together to get tree mail.  Time to honor the memories of the other 17 survivors, and then go to a FINAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE.  OMG, they really are doing a final 2 this season.  They are all feeling a little bit frustrated because they really thought that it was done and the three of them would go to the vote.  Basically Cirie has to win the challenge to stay alive. 

The three ladies paddle together out to an island where there are tiki torch monuments to each of the other 17 competitors that were voted out.  Johnny Fairplay who gave up first.  Mary, who none of them really knew.  Yau Man, someone they all considered a target from the start.  Mikey B, one of my early favorites who just overthought out loud.  Joel, my least favorite.  “Fail” is how he summed up his experience.  Jonathan.  THe game would have been very different if he hadn’t been removed due to a knee injury.  Chet.  “The chickens have not been the same since Chet left.”  Haha.  Kathy, a “colorful character” who just couldn’t take it.  Tracy.  She tried hard and played a good game.  Ami.  I had such high hopes for her and wish she could have been at the end with these other girls.  Eliza, the first jury member.  The underdog favorite from the start.  Ozzy, one of the greatest competitors ever in the game, but he got too cocky for his own good.  (“My relationship with Amanda means more than anything.”)  Jason.  A good guy who went far.  James.  Aww… James.  One of my favorite Survivors ever.  It sucks that he had to go out for medical injuries.  Alexis, who made it a lot farther than I ever expected her to.  Erik, sweet boy who really went far and had a chance to win, but also the dumbest for trusting them all.  Natalie, a confident woman who outlasted all the other fans.

And now for the final immunity challenge.  Back when they always used to have 2 at the end instead of 3… the final immunity challenge was always about endurance.  Who can stand on one leg at the top of a tower for the longest?  Or who can hold this bow and arrow taut the longest without breaking through this sheet of paper?  I am curious to see how this challenge will be.  Oh, and what ever happened to them giving one of the survivors a car??  They used to always have that in there somewhere.   The cars always made me feel better for someone who didn’t win, like “at least they won that new Ford.” or whatever.  Oh well.

The ladies paddled their way over to Jeff, and I was sort of expecting someone to say, “What’s up with final 2 instead of 3??”  But no one did.  The challenge is a cyllinder ballancing a tiny metal ball.  After a certain amount of time, they add another piece to the cyllinder, making it longer.  If at any time, the ball drops, you’re out.  It’s funny that the last challenge involves balls.  Haha.  Anyone’s game at this point, but it’s almost as if it was made for Cirie.  A challenge where you have to keep your hands steady for long periods of time?  Who better to do that than a nurse?  My hands would probably be shaking from nerves or from starvation, but the girls seem to be doing a pretty good job.  After 5 minutes, they add another piece.  They at least got to put the thing down for a bit, but they had to add a piece to make it harder to hold. 

5 minutes.  Now they add two more pieces and are ballancing a total of 5 pieces together, trying not to drop the ball.  Everyone seems to be doing great honestly.  Oh no!  Parvati’s pieces fell apart from the middle and she dropped it!  Now, it’s down to Amanda and Cirie.  Another 2 pieces.  Cirie’s pieces fell apart while he was counting, but he let her put it back on.  Amanda is trying it underhanded which can be good or bad.  Wow, they both made it through to the last round.  Two more pieces.  Cirie loses her ball and Amanda wins!  Well, Amanda is going to the final 2 for sure, but who will she take with her?  I would be crying if I were her.  I really thought Cirie was going to win that one. 

Day 38.  The chicken is still there at camp, haha.  Amanda says she is feeling sick to her stomach about having to choose and Parvati is absolutely sure that she’s taking her to the finals.  Omg, did Parvati just say to Amanda, “It’s not like Cirie would have won anyway. She pissed off the most people.”  Why in hell would you say that when Amanda should be taking the person she can beat?  Cirie told Amanda that sure, she’s pissed people off, but Cirie thinks she’s pissed more people off overall.  I personally say she should take Parvati, but I don’t think she quites knows what she should do yet. 

At the tribal council, Amanda looks almost sick.  She is really playing it off that it’s a tough decision for her.  Cirie and Parvati agree that it’s a tough decision, but I’m not really buying it.  Haha, as Amanda is saying that it’s a tough decision, Ozzy looks like he’s trying to send her mind messages.  Take Parvati.  No one likes her.  Cirie’s a good talker.  Take Parvati.  Make love to me afterwards.   Amanda is crying, but she’s starting to almost bury herself in front of the jury by talking up the other two.  She needs to be confident that she’s played the best game she could. 

The vote is in.  15th person voted out.  Cirie.  Good choice Amanda, I think she might have had a really tough time beating Cirie.  I am sad that my original prediction was not the winner, but I came damn close.  Now the power shifts to the jury.  One more tribal council where they speak their mind.  Awww, Cirie’s exit video almost made me cry.  She deserved to win the million, but so much of this game comes to chance.  You’re awesome Cirie, good job.  This post is impossibly long, so I am going to post it and make another for the Final moments.



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