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Day 39. The final day on the best Survivor ever! Amanda and Parvati are the last two standing, both equally deserving of the million dollar prize. Walking out to the mailbox, they screamed as they see food and orange juice waiting for them. Both girls have played extremely good games in BOTH seasons that they’ve been on. I think Amanda deserves mad props though for doing two in a row. THe background music is hilarious, though. It’s all sappy strings with a poignant piano line while the girls are talking about this being “the biggest accomplishment of my life.”

It’s nice to see two girls hugging and being happy together at the end as they burn their shelter. In one final “stir the pot” witch on the beach moment, the girls grab their things and head out to fight for the million at the final tribal. Will Amanda speak better than she did in China? For her sake, I certainly hope so.

8 people on the jury. Eliza, Ozzy, Jason, James, Alexis, Erik, Natalie, and Cirie. The final 2 will get to make an opening statement, then each jury member will address the finalists. THen they will vote.

Amanda: I wanted to play a strategic game. I know I wouldn’t be sitting here wihtout help from all of you, so I wanted to say thanks.

Parvati: I came into this with a reputation as a flirt. I knew I had to beat my competition and make bold power plays. Ask me what you want and you will get an honest answer.

Jury Questions:

  1. Eliza – I have no idea who I’m voting for. I respect Parvati’s move to take out Ozzy, but I can’t respect how you talked about me behind my back. That leads me to believe you are just a mean person. But Amanda, listening to you literally made me want to kill myself because you are too superficial.
  2. Jason – Amanda, if you had been let in on the decision to vote Ozzy out, would you have told him. “Yes” Parvati, what were you redeeming qualities? “Protectiveness and Loyalty to the ladies I gave my word to”
  3. Alexis – Parvati, I am passionate about working with young girls. What makes you a better role model. “I am more independent and outspoken. I am more willing to put myself out there and make bold moves, which Amanda didn’t do.” Amanda, I have seen oscar award winning performances from you, like you crying over Cirie. What part of your game has been genuine? “My tears have been genuine. I didn’t come here for sympathy votes.”
  4. Natalie – Ladies, you have my respect tonight. Parv, you have labeled yourself as a flirt, most masterful flirt in survivor. How does being a flirt parallel to your intimate life? “Being flirtatious is a big part of my personality. It gets me what I want. I flirt with girls and guys to get my way. I can develop relationships without it, but it’s an old standby.” Amanda, you are a smart and beautiful woman, but you have a glazed over look on your face a lot. Was that your plan to be the pageant queen cliche? “Neither, I am a strong woman of substance, but I have made strategic plays and came in here to compete on the highest lvl.”
  5. Erik – 5 to 6 days ago, I would have been voting for Amanda in this game. As of late, I’m looking at you with a lot of questions. I felt burned at the last two tribals when you were there. What basis did you have to judge me? “Everything I said was honest. You were unloyal to me, and I wasn’t going to keep my mouth shut.” Too little too late, I”m done with I”m sorry from you. (wow, maybe Amanda can’t win this!)
  6. James – I’m not even going to be difficult. Amanda pretty much knows she’s got this in the bag. I just want to say Parvati, why couldn’t you be honest. “Got you, sucka! There was no chance of me sitting here if I stuck with you and Ozzy and I needed more control.” (He looks really hurt by her.)
  7. Cirie – Hi ladies. Amanda, tell us why Parvati deserves to win a million dollars more than I did. “Parvati played a bolder game and she was a powerhouse.” (What? Oh god, Amanda, why?? You should have said that you think CIrie deserved it but you had a better chance at beating Parv?)
  8. Ozzy – I may be the biggest idiot up here. I was truly hurt by what you did to me, Parvati. You put a price on our friendship and threw us away like garbage. It really does hurt. How can you say that you’re a role model when you are willing to discard us like that? I don’t want any words from you. THe hardest part is that you took away 14 days that I could have spent with Amanda (Que strings). He’s crying, omg. Amanda, you asked me if I was playing you, I’m honestly not. I have feelings I’ve never felt before and I have started to fall in love with you. You are an amazing girl and I want everyone to know that. I am glad I didn’t win Cook Islands so that I could be here to meet you.

Jeff: I’m going to give you a moment to think about your vote. Wow. I think more people thought Amanda was fake than I realized. I think she is going to win, though, but I”m almost always wrong about things like this.

“Tonight you are voting for a winner. The name you write down is the name of the person you find most deserving of the title of sole survivor and the million dollar check that goes with it.”

They showed us four of the eight votes. Ozzy and Erik voted for Amanda. Natalie and Alexis voted for Parvati. Alexis’s vote is interesting because she said she wanted a role model for young girls. How does she see a role model in Parvati’s admission that she gets what she wants by manipulating others? Weird.

And Jeff Probst is off! Aww, no crazy cut scenes with him travelling with the votes. Oh well, here they are in NYC for the live decision!! Here are the votes: Parvati. Amanda. Parvati. Amanda. Parvati. Amanda. 3 votes each. Parvati. Parvati. Winner of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites. I am in shock. I think Amanda deserved it more than Parvati, but really they both played an amazing game. I want to know who the third person was that voted for Amanda. James I would guess, but you can never be sure. I wonder what they would have done if it had been a tie??

In some ways, I think it is only fitting that Parvati wins. She really was behind a lot of those backstabs and blindsides. Congratulations to Parvati on winning what is the very best season of Survivor! I will be so sad come Thursday night when there is no Survivor episode. Let’s hope the next season can get even better. All I can say is that I really hope they bring Amanda back one more time, but she would probably be the first one voted out as a threat. I loved Amanda and I think she played a great game. Good season all and good night!


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