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I have been replaying Amanda’s Immunity Idol moment in my mind since last Thursday, and everytime I think of it, I cheer for her.  Day 34 and only a few more key days left to go.  Back at camp the day after the tribal council blindside, Erik and Natalie were trying to figure out a way to get rid of Amanda after she burned them so hard.  Of course, she burned Erik especially by outing him for not standing by her after she fought to keep him in on the Ami vote.

Their genius strategy is to send each other to Exile Island if they get a chance.  Is there really going to be another idol put into play??  It was my understanding that they only put the others into play because no one had successfully used one yet.  Now that one has been officially played, I think the day of the idols has passed, but I could be wrong.  Of course, if there were going to be an infinite number of idols this season, they should have been using them every week.

Amanda, Parvati and Cirie seem to be best friends again as they strategized over the fire about how to get rid of the unbeatable Erik.  The plan is for the three of them to work on naive little Erik, and Amanda is the first to work on him.  Damn, she is good at manipulation games. 

The Reward Challenge this week is a question/answser session about past seasons of Survivor.  First person to four points gets a private helicopter to a fancy resort where food, showers and a comfy bed will be waiting.

Q: Which season of Survivor did a castaway have a pet snake?

A:  Pearl Islands, Rupert (Cirie and Erik correct)

Q:  On which season did a shark bite a Survivor and in retaliation a Survivor bit it back?

A:  Allstars (Amanda, Natalie correct)

Q:  In which season did a tribemate ask another tribemate to pee on them after being stung by a sea urchin?

A:  Survivor Marchesis (Erik, 2 points)

Q:  DUring which season was one of the castaways evacuated after falling into the fire?

A:  Australia (Cirie, Erik, Parvati correct)

Q:  During which season of Survivor did we first divide the castaways into four separate tribes?

A:  Exile Island (Cirie, Natalie, Erik correct… )  Erik wins reward.  He sends Parvati to Exile Island, which means that he is going with Amanda’s plan and he actually agreed to take Amanda to the reward.  How she pulled that off so quickly I have no idea.  That girl’s got skills.  Not 24 hours ago he was so pissed off at her for what she said in tribal council, and now it’s like they are best friends.

Natalie is completely pissed that he sent Parvati to exile island.  He did promise her that he would either send her to Exile or on reward and he ended up doing neither.  Cirie just shook matters up more with Natalie, fueling her anger and befriending her a bit.  It looks like she was actually enjoying watching Natalie suffer. 

Ooo, to add insult to injury, the helicopter with Amanda and Erik flew right by camp where Nat and Cirie were sitting on the beach.  That’s gotta hurt.  Erik confessed that he didn’t bring Natalie on the reward because he would never have been able to relax with her.  “Let’s get out of the game for a day,”  croons Amanda.  Wow, they are getting a serous complete spa treatment and then great food, this is a really valuable reward. 

On Exile Island, Parvati was laying out in the sun.  What??  She says that her main reason for being there was just to prevent Nat and Erik from getting Immunity.  So… she’s going to lay in the sun and relax, and NOT LOOK FOR THE IDOL.  She is so confident that she has the numbers on her side.  Parvati, sweetie, you should never be that confident in this game.  Isn’t what happened to Ozzie and Jason a huge warning about getting too comfortable.  If you get a chance to find the idol, you take it.

After Erik and Amanda returned from reward, Cirie was having a little chat with Erik about what his plan is for the rest of the game.  In his wisdom, he was saying that Amanda and Natalie would probably be the hardest to beat in a jury vote, so he wanted to get rid of them next.  Unbeknownst to him, Natalie was emerging from the coconut-abundant forrest behind him and she heard every word.  Her response?  “I could have bitch slapped him.  Like his mama.”  Needless to say, she was not happy with Erik.

Natalie pulled Cirie and Amanda to the side to discuss what she had overheard, and Erik saw them talking.  Suddenly it dawned on him that he might have screwed up by trying to play both sides of the fence.  Awww, I kind of feel sorry for him.  Haha, Amanda is telling him that he can’t be her friend one minute and then want to vote her out the next.  BUt isn’t that what she was doing to him?  Have I mentioned that she’s kicking ass this season?

The all-important Immunity challenge is a series of puzzles.  We’ve seen this one before I know.  It’s the one where you have to put together ropes on a set of coordinates and where the ropes intersect there is a bag of puzzle pieces hidden underneath.  There are 3 bags total and 3 puzzles to solve.  Erik is the first to start digging, which is not a good sign for the girls since they are wanting to get rid of him so badly.  He started out with a huge lead and he never lost it.  Erik wins immunity, and at this point, it might be impossible to get rid of him.  He is guaranteed a spot in the final four.  This really makes the game interesting because he is going to be very hard to beat with the jury.  He has been the underdog all along and then stayed alive in the game by winning several immunities in a row. 

So who goes home?  Natalie said “Just tell me if it’s me.”  And Cirie answered honestly, “THe way it looks right now, it probably is.”  In a last hope effort, a lightbult went off over Cirie’s head and she exclaimed, “Nat, could you convince him to give you his necklace?”  I personally can’t remember anyone ever talking someone into giving them their necklace.  I think if it was up to Amanda to talk him into giving her the necklace, she could do it.  I don’t think that Natalie has the skills though. 

His first response to her is “I won’t even consider it.”  But he did go to CIrie to ask her what she’s thinking.  CIrie says the reason I want to see you give your necklace up is that I don’t trust you to vote Amanda unless I see you make that gesture. Natalie has convinced him that he needs to do it to get jury votes because he’s in a bad position with the jury.  If this works, then Erik is the dumbest most naive men of all of them this year, and the remaining women will forever hold the blindside crown for Survivor.

At tribal council, Amanda put the idea in Erik’s head that he has absolutely no respect in the eyes of all the women.  He is begging for forgiveness and he is seriously worried about his votes on the jury.  It’s almost as if Jeff is playing along with their game as he asks Cirie “Is it important to redeem yourself at this stage of the game?”  Cirie says, “Jeff it is important and actions speak louder than words”  ON that note, HE GAVE HIS NECKLACE TO NATALIE.  OMG!!!  He is going to be so upset when Jeff reads those votes!!  He just basically voted himself out.  THis is unreal.  Best season of Survivor EVER, hands down!!  Women rule!

I have been hoping for an all-woman finale for so long and this is the perfect way to watch it happen.  Jeff read the votes, unanimously Erik was voted for, except for his own vote for Parvati.  Everyone on the jury was shaking their heads as James exclaimed, “I’ve lost my reign as the dumbest survivor ever.”  All Erik could say was “You guys drive me crazy.  I should have known better.”  There are going to be tears from him.  I almost feel sorry for him.  Almost.  Women are so cruel.

The Season Finale on Sunday is going to be amazing.  An All women finale, and I’m sure that the after-show where they dish it all out is going to be full of drama.  Erik’s parting words?  “Damn, Damn Damn, those damn girls.  It’s one thing to Survive the elements and another thing to Survive four sexy women.”  How right you are, Erik.  How right you are.


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