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During the group sing-a-long dujour, it looked like Jason was a bit fed up with the choreographed weekly let’s sing together crap.  You honestly couldn’t pay me to go to an American Idol group concert if it’s full of stuff like this.  I love the individual performances, but these group things have got to go.  At least little David seemed to be enjoying himself.  Syesha was too, but since it’s sort of like a mini-musical, she’s right at home.  I think that if they were doing original songs it might work, but a copycat version of a song that was done by a band or a solo singer split up into 4 equal parts delegated out in a one for you, one for you, one line for you sort of fashion is just mind numbing.  My boyfriend actually got up and said “Okay, that’s all I can take of that.” 

The recaps from last night just reminded me of how frustrating the judges comments have been of late.  I can’t even talk about it anymore because it’s making me so angry.  So… on to the eliminations.  David Archuleta is up first.  Is it me, or does he answer every one of Ryan’s questions in the same manner?  Can he really be so humble?  He always answers in a wishy-washy, don’t want to offend anyone way.  OMG, he’s like the Paula of the contestants!  Always blubbering and trying to make sure he comes off sweet.  No worries David, you’re as sweet as a puppy.  No shockers yet, David A. is safe and can take a seat on the couches of safety. 

Wow, a video “package” of the final four’s trip to Vegas to see the cirque du soleil’s performance of a Beatles tribute.  They flew on a private jet, gave autographs, and got pampered and primped by a full salon of stylists.  Can you imagine going from average everyday person to super star that fast?  It must be fun.  Someone even grabbed Jason and kissed him.  Haha.  They look like they had a great time, and it just reminds me of how much Idol really does change their lives.

David Cook is the next one called onto the stage.  Ryan asked Randy, “So, let’s just say David makes it to the finals, any advice for him?”  Um, first of all, don’t patronize us all Ryan.  Everyone in America knows that David and David are the top two, so cut out all that “Let’s just say maybe, what if??”  It’s insulting.  Randy’s advice is for David Cook to just stay original and continue to put his own stamp on his performances.  I’m sure he didn’t already know that, so great advice Randy.  THat was quality television right there.  And of course, Ryan told us all that David was safe and headed to the top 3, no surprises tonight so far.

That leaves no surprise about the bottom 2 either:  Syesha and Jason.  Ryan acted like he was about to tell us who was going home and I had to do a double take at my clock.  9:24.  No way he’s telling them now.  Jason spoke up with a look of utter confusion on his face saying “Are you going to tell us now??”  Ryan said “No, we’re going to a break.”  Haha.  Thanks Ryan.  Now he’ll proceed to make us wait 33 more minutes before he tells us the result.  Ugh.

 Ah, Ford Commercial time.  They have them all dressed up like bull fighters and singing along with Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”.  Cute commercial.  Oh, and now it’s time for the audience questions:

  1. Q: David Cook, when you come to my hometown on the tour, would you go on a date with me??             A:  What do you like to do?  asks David.  Good answer.
  2. Q:  14 year old Sarah asks them all what’s the biggest challenge they’ve had to overcome in the competition?  A:  Syesha said Stage Fright.  David A. couldn’t think of anything (duh, he hasn’t had to overcome anything.  Someone is pulling his strings!)  Jason said “FIghting my brain being dead.”  I take it that was a reference to last night’s lyric botching.
  3. Q:  SImon why have you not been knighted by the Queen?  A:  Simon said “I wonder the same thing on a daily basis, so if you are watching your majesty, I’m available.”
  4. Q:  Syesha is it hard being the only girl?  A:  Basically she said it gets awkward but she is proud of her self.
  5. Q:  Have any of you gotten feedback from artists whose songs you’ve covered?  A:  DAvid Cook is (Not surprisingly) the only one who said yes, he’s gotten good feedback.
  6. Q:  SImon, have you ever realized that you would be a great James Bond?  You’re sexy!  Hehehe.  A:  Simon said he loves the questions this week, and that yes, he would make a great James Bond.

Okay questions this week, but sometimes I don’t get why people think Simon is so sexy.  Paula is much sexier.  I guess women just like assholes and that’s the bottom line.

This week we are in for a treat with Maroon 5 performing.  Talk about a lead singer with an original talent.  He really has it going on if you ask me.  The style of music that they sing and write works perfectly with his voice.  If he was asked to sing songs from all the different decades and broadway and such like the idols have been, I don’t know that he would have lasted any longer than Luke did, but in the context of his band, he works.  Great performance by Maroon 5, honestly.  One of the best of the season. 

9:38, okay, so what else can we do for 15 minutes?  Oh yeah, we’ll talk to the lead singer Adam Levine.  His advice for the young idols?  “Get ready to work baby.”  As much as their lives have changed over the course of the season, they probably have no idea still how much work it will be to be on tour constantly and travelling on the road promoting their new albums and such.  I am sure they work really hard, but I’m also sure the advantages of that lifestyle far outweigh the hardships.

Another performance tonight, Bo Bice singing “Witness”.  Bo Bice was in the final two in season 4 I believe it was, and was beat out by Carrie Underwood.  Like David Cook, he is a bit different and more of a rocker that doesn’t fit the typical mold.  His performance tonight was very polished and seemed more like a seasoned professional than a contestant, so he’s really come a long way.  We can only hope that next year or the year after we will have Michael Johns return to the stage, polished and famous as he deserves… and Carly as well.  /sigh.  Bo’s advice to them is “Practice Practice Practice.”  He seems to be a fan of David Cook, which is no surprise.  Aww, and he said that his wife Caroline is pregnant with their second child, which is very sweet.  Congratulations to both of them.

9:53 now, so we’re bound to find out the top 3 in the next five minutes.  Syesha and Jason are in the center of the stage as Ryan takes them through a run-down of last night’s judges comments.  Get on with it!  Jason said someone told him “You shot the “Tambourine Man”  haha.  He also said that he packed his bags and is prepared to go home.  He said that last night was tough for him because his inexperience is catching up with him and that it’s tough.  Ryan asked Syesha why she got so emotional last night.  Didn’t he already ask her that exact question last night?  And her answer was exactly the same. 

Syesha is… In the top 3.  Jason Castro has been eliminated.  I think that was the right decision from America, but I have to applaud him for a great run this season.  He definitely has a great talent and there is something so special about him that is original and unique.  I know that if he comes out with an album, I will be there to buy it.  Great job Jason Castro. From what they showed us of his final performance, he did a much much better job tonight than he did last night.  I think he was just ready to go and he even said into the microphone “Next week is three songs, I don’t know what I would have done.” 

 I am glad to see Syesha move forward.  I never would have thought she would be in the top 3, but I think she has really stepped up her game and shown that she deserves to be there.  See you next week when the top 3 perform to see if Syesha can break up the David’s or if the all-David Finale everyone’s been predicting will become truth. 


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  1. Seems like you are a real pro. Did you study about the issue? lol

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