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If you go to MTV’s website, you can watch daily updates of what is going on in the house while we are waiting for next week’s new episode. There are also videos and confessionals that were included in the premiere, like the foursome confessional that Greg overheard just before he called his mom to vent about his roommates. So, what’s the update?

You can watch Joey working out. Man, he is seriously ripped. It makes you wonder if he’s on some kind of steroid or if that is totally natural and from hard work. Anyway, you can watch a short video of him lifting weights, making strange faces and breathing very heavily.

Check out Greg’s first taste of Sushi at Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, the Geisha House. He actually said that he likes it, which is him showing a positive attitude and seeming to get along with everyone for the first time. He also has a confessional video, but it’s not that interesting. Mostly him talking about the Sushi again and about how he is ready to get out and meet some women. Oh, and he says that he and Joey made up but that he doesn’t ever plan on getting too close with any of the girls in the house.

There is a video of Kimberly and Dave snuggling in bed, laughing and talking about the funny things that happened on Sarah’s 21st birthday. Then, of course, you can watch the roommates celebrating Sarah’s birthday. And let me just say, Holy Bottled Water Batman! There are like 4 cases of bottled water on the counter. I guess they are really into water. :p

Former cheerleader Dave is shown in the backyard teaching Greg how to do a stunt where he runs up a wall and does a flip. I am surprised that Greg was willing to try it, because it looked a little bit scary. He did a good job though, check it out. Dave also lifts Kimberly into the air. It all reeks to me of gradeschool playground time when we used to do gymnastics and fool around. They look like they are having fun together which is good, though. Kimberly is all about Dave, isn’t she?

Speaking of Dave, his confessional online is actually pretty interesting. He thinks that Greg’s approach to being on the show is all wrong, and he is scared that they guys are splitting into Dave and Joey / Will and Greg as far as friendships. He also said to the camera, “I wanna get laid just as much as anybody else.” He says he’s tired of Greg constantly talking about how he wants to get laid and meet women, acting like he’s never been with a woman before.

Another mention of hooking up occurs when Brianna and Will get together and dish about Brianna’s little crush on Joey and how Will wants to hook up with Sarah. Will says that he can only go about a week without getting physical with a woman, so he is already trying to enlist Bri’s help in getting Sarah all to himself. Interesting but not surprising.

I will post more updates as the videos become available. Nothing terribly interesting just yet, but I have a feeling that things will start to heat up pretty soon.


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