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Last night’s Season 20 premiere of The Real World Hollywood was a good start to what looks like a very dramatic season.  Three girls and Three guys were chosen the normal way… through casting.  There’s Joey, the body builder turned actor from Chicago.  Dave, the 22 year old cooky actor who seems to be a lot of fun in the house so far, and Will, the 23 year old sexy black music producer who is more than charming.  On the girl’s side there is Brianna, a 20 year old exotic dancer who wants to be a singer.  Sarah, the sweet intellectual brunette who has dreams of becoming a broadcast journalist.  And finally Kimberly, the 24 year old token blond southern girl with a silly side.  Then… there’s the 7th house-mate… Greg.  Greg, aka “PretyBoy” was chosen by viewers online as the final roommate, and I can only imagine that people picked him based on his ass-hole potential factor.

As the Real World cast arrived at their new “green” home in Hollywood, the first six to arrive seemed to hit it off great and to be very excited and nervous about meeting their new roommates.  Greg was the last to arrive, and it seemed he had a plan.  He wanted to appear laid back and… what?  Snobby?  Better?  I don’t know.  Maybe he got a peanut stuck up his butt on the flight in, but he was definitely uptight from the start.  Hard to believe that he is the youngest guy in the house, but then again I think that behind his tough and detached exterior, he is very immature and unsure of who he is.  Right from the start, Sarah wasn’t feelin’ him, even though she couldn’t put her finger on what it was that turned her off. 

The question I always have at the start of a new Real World is:  Who is going to hook up?  From the looks of it last night, the six producer-picked cast-mates are aleady picking out who they want to be closest to.  Dave and Kimberly seemed to hit it off right from the start and their personalities mesh perfectly.  Both of them are a little bit silly and have a wild side.  In one hilarious scene, Dave came up to her with this giant toothbrush (and I’m talking surfboard huge here) and pretended to brush her teeth.  Rather than push him away, Kimberly got right into it and started moving her head back and forth like she was brushing.  They seem like a couple of kids, but at least there are some fun people in the house.  I do believe that Dave already took his pants off for the ladies as well, which is probably record time for a guy to show-all. 

Another coupling of sorts was Sarah and Will.  Sarah does have a boyfriend back home, but she was not trying to push Will away when he was getting close.  It was funny to watch them flirting when they had been drinking.  It was actually Sarah that made he first move when they were all standing in the kitchen and she said to Will quietly, “I don’t like this gum, here take it” and stuck it out between her lips.  He took it all right… and they technically had a little kiss.  She’s dangerous with her flirting, let me tell you, and I don’t think she’s as innocent as she seemed at first.  When the house-mates were heading out to go dancing, Sarah “accidentally forgot” her wallet and had to go back.  Of course, Will volunteered to go in with her and he confessed that he has a “Kindergarten crush” on her.  I have a feeling this is a line he has used on approximately 100 women, and apparently, it works.

Of course, something worth noting is that Will was more interested in Brianna at first.  He was definitely checking her out and loving her style and her sexy body.  But then he found out that she is a stripper, and he immediately lost all respect.  I think he actually gave a good reason though.  He didn’t call her a whore or anything like you might expect him to.  Instead, his reasoning is that she knows how to work a guy with her conversation and is used to lying and making guys feel good as a career.  He thinks it is impossible to have a real relationship and to ever know the true feelings of a stripper, because they are so good at playing the part of a sexy girl who likes you.  He has a point.  Later on, though, he admitted to her face that it bothers him that she is a stripper, but that he is willing to try to see past that and be her friend.  Then, he promptly asked her to give him a lapdance for his birthday. 

Brianna and Joey seemed to hit it off as well, having a real heart to heart out by the pool in their PJ’s.  What were they talking about?  Well, Brianna apparently has an ex-boyfriend who was really mean to her and used to talk down to her and get very jealous.  One night a few weeks ago, they got in a huge argument and he had her pinned down so she punched him in the face.  Her ex pressed charges against her and now she has found out that she has 30 days to appear before a judge and be arraigned on charges or else go to jail.  She called the guy to try to ask him to drop charges but his first question to her on the phone was, “so you got laid yet?”  This set Bri off and she started screaming and yelling, showing how quickly she loses her temper.  In a sweet gesture, the other girls came in to hug her and to put a note on the wall that says “Don’t Call Bobby.” to remind Brianna that she doesn’t need to be talking to him.  Joey later sat down with her to say that she doesn’t have to put up with someone treating her that way. 

Greg is definitely the odd man out in this group, but mostly, it seems, by choice.  When everyone else was getting in line for the club “Basque”, he just said he hates waiting in lines and he took off on his own.  We don’t know where he went, but I’m guessing he just went back to the house and watched tv or something.  Lame.  Later that night, when Joey and some of the others were in the hot tub, they invited Greg to join them.  When he came back in his swimsuit, he also had a tank top on, just like Joey’s.  He started making fun of Joey, saying “Who wears a t-shirt in the hot-tub?  You’re a weirdo.”  The more he kept on, the more enraged Joey became, yelling at Greg and then going inside.  Joey said he grew up in a house where he got the crap beat out of him from the time he was little and they should not mistake him for just a “pretty white boy.”  I think Joey is going to have a major temper problem. 

Greg called his mom to vent his frustrations about not being liked, saying that he wasn’t going to be upset by these “peasants”.  Does he really think he’s that much better than everyone else?  Oh, and he also calls women “associates”, which he explained in detail.  He says that at 20 he is not interested in relationships, only in associating with women, which I’m taking to mean sex.  Sarah said in confessional that she’s not sure exactly what he means, but that she’s pretty sure it’s offensive.  In my view, he’s basically reducing his relationships with women to prostitute status… a business “associate”.  Greg is really an annoying guy, and I’m wondering how he will survive this season as a loner. 



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  2. I think Sarah secretly likes Greg and craves his acceptance and admiration. She analyzes him wayyy too much. Plus, she is not very attractive.

  3. i hope someone will lynch greg halstead and his family. i’m calling all ab, crips, bloods, pirus, ms13, 18s, ogden treces…all gangbangers, kill him, the world will be a better

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